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September 25, 2020
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The Chordoma Foundation is looking for a science writer to give our community a close-up guided tour of the quest to cure chordoma, a realistic and relatable sense of where the research is heading, and reasons to hope rooted in the science.


  • Engender a well-justified sense of hope among our constituents by increasing awareness and understanding of the progress that is being made toward better treatments.
  • Increase patient participation in research by educating members of the chordoma community about studies that could be relevant/beneficial to them.
  • Inspire current and prospective donors/funders to support our work by conveying compelling research opportunities and by demonstrating the impact of past funding.


  • Blogs and announcements: tell the story of chordoma research progress as it happens by reporting on notable research milestones, new research investments, important publications, etc.
  • Funded project synopses: succinctly explain the research projects we support, conveying in lay terms why each is important, how it fits into our overall research strategy, and how it advances the search for better treatments.
  • Paper summaries: summarize findings of notable papers and explain their implications for treatment decisions that patients may face.
  • Study recruitment materials: inform patients about opportunities to participate in research, including clinical trials, natural history studies and biospecimen collection protocols.
  • Funding proposals and reports: assist our development team in writing research-related proposals and progress reports for foundation funders and major donors.
  • New stories: follow your curiosity to uncover and report on interesting stories that make chordoma research feel more tangible to our community, and connect our work to broader events or trends in science and medicine.


Maybe you’re a life scientist who has found your calling conveying the wonders of biology to the world outside the lab. Or maybe you’re a born writer with an insatiable curiosity for science. Either way, you are someone who gets a thrill from unshrouding the mysteries of the natural world. You have an uncommon ability to explain biology in simple and understandable terms to the uninitiated without dumbing it down. You share our enthusiasm for the potential of new medicines to improve the human condition. And, ideally, you have at least a decent understanding of the drug development process.

Have other talents you can contribute to our mission as well? Please let us know, as our small but mighty team’s needs are many so there may be other adjacent roles here for you to jump into as well.


  • Freelance/contractor role
  • Projects totaling 20-30 hours per month – sometimes more sometimes less
  • Fully remote, work from anywhere in North America
  • Flexible schedule

How to Apply / ContactTo apply, please submit a cover letter and portfolio to the form below


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