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The way we see it, everyone who works in healthcare is here to serve patients. Modern MedEd accomplishes this in multiple ways.

  • We help medical education companies who are seeking to launch a new product or improve an existing one. We create, edit, and produce high-quality medical education that can be targeted to a specific audience of clinicians and healthcare students
  • We help healthcare professionals and students by developing and connecting your with relevant medical education and resources.

It’s no secret that learning medicine is hard. Creating the highest-impact content for students and clinicians is even harder.

That’s why you need the right subject matter experts, medical writers, and editorial team.

This is where we come in. We have subject matter experts available for your projects, large or small. 

We specialize in:

  • Writing CME, board-preparation, and other clinical study materials for healthcare professionals at all levels of training
  • Clinician leadership issues for individuals and organizations
  • Providing medical writing services for industry, educators, and research teams.  

We also work with our partners to develop and promote what we believe is the best medical education out there.

Whether you need to create or edit a new board review question bank, describe a medical breakthrough, publish clinical trial results, or produce engaging promotional or continuing medical education, let us be your source to effectively communicate this message.

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Let our experience with both traditional and innovative medical education platforms speak for itself.

We write, edit, and review engaging and relevant CME-accreditation ready articles for print and online clients, including mobile apps and interactive board-preparation products.

We also offer promotional medical education copywriting services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. 

We have experience in several therapeutic areas, including neurology/neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, and primary care, to name a few. 

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Chances are, you know a handful of clinicians whose writing skills are…let’s say, “less than polished.”

And we’re not talking about handwriting skills. That’s another story. One in which we’ll refrain from incriminating ourselves, knowing our fifth-grade penmanship teacher (or pharmacist) might see this someday.

Rather than spend your time trying to vet individual contributors, use our trusted writers and subject matter experts. We’ll polish the work for you.  

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Remember school? Or the last conference you slept through? It’s the worst, right? Oh, we know you wanted to stay awake for the last lecture that turned into an impromptu power-nap. 

But that’s almost impossible when a speaker with a smooth monotone voice does their best impression of a white noise machine.

Trust us…we know; we’ve been to see those same speakers. 

Our scientific director is one of those weird folks who enjoys public speaking. Book him and he promises to protect your audience from speaker-acquired narcolepsy. As long as he’s speaking, that is. 

You want proof? Maybe you’ve been burned before, so that’s understandable. Seeing – or in this case, hearing – is believing.

Jordan speaks at healthcare conferences, CME and review courses for clinicians and students, association meetings, and corporate events a handful of times each year about these clinical and non-clinical topics 

  • Concussion and other forms of traumatic brain injury for clinicians, students, health policy & legal experts, and industry
  • General neurosurgical topics for non-neurosurgical clinicians and other professionals
  • PA professional issues for policy experts, corporations, and healthcare associations
  • Medical communications (how meta) for clinicians and industry professionals

If we’re not a match, then you’ve saved yourself a tremendous disappointment, and we’ve picked up a couple of downloads to pad the show’s stats.

If you like what you hear, send us an email so we can discuss your needs.

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On our blog, clinicians will find posts exploring concrete solutions to early-career issues, original and curated neuroscience resources for those outside of this specialty, and medical writing advice and education.

Students will find valuable insights and advice from someone who has written hundreds of test-prep questions and explanations for graduating healthcare professionals preparing for exams such as USMLE, PANCE, FNP-C, and NCLEX

Explore concrete solutions to problems unique to early-career healthcare professionals

Find interesting ways to make neurosurgical topics relevant to non-neurosurgical clinicians

Learn a new skill, discover how to launch a lucrative side-gig, or make the world a better place by trying your hand at medical writing.

Medical Communications Consulting Services
American Medical Writers Association Proud Member 2018

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