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In short, we aim to collaborate with and support others who also work to better the lives and experiences of healthcare professionals.

For Providers of Online CME

Modern MedEd is proud to partner with top providers of online continuing medical education activities for healthcare professionals. 

We maintain and grow several long-term, continuous relationships while developing new, high-quality partnerships on a regular basis.

Our primary relationship with CME providers typically consists of affiliate marketing at the foundation. This relationship is also relatively simple to set up, and involves no upfront costs to you.

Learn more about affiliate partnerships with Modern MedEd.

For Providers of CME Conferences

Historically, we've worked almost exclusively with providers of online or digital CME solutions.

However, thanks to some forward-thinking conference planners, we are in the early stages of determining if such an arrangement in the context of CME conferences (of any format) is viable. Up for a challenge? Us, too!

For Institutions

Hospitals, health systems, medical libraries, single or multi specialty physician groups, mid-large size private practices, or other groups seeking employment or affiliation specific access implementation.

In particular, those needing a scaled CME solution for multiple physicians, PAs, and/or NPs.

Modern MedEd is able to offer exclusive institutional pricing as a publishing partner to specific CME providers with whom we work.

We are experimenting with ways to reduce the friction in this process, but with the factors involved, a phone call (or at least an email exchange) is still required at this stage.

Any ideas to make the process easier for you on the procurement side? Or is it working satisfactorily as is? We want to hear what you think.

Learn more about institutional CME accounts here.

General Affiliate Partnership Expectations

You provide us with a way to create links to your products using a third party affiliate management tool, and we take it from there.

If you don't have one yet, that's fine. We can recommend several platforms we currently use with existing partners for your consideration.

You can expect a small number of placements in the first few days to weeks of the engagement.

As we accumulate more data on the content that resonates best with your target audience, we'll increase visibility accordingly.

We make a genuine effort to personally participate in one or more CME activities (credit not required) offered by each of our partners. We do this in order to generate an honest, relevant review article specific to your area of focus. See current reviews.

We will input select activities into our searchable CME database and include relevant modules in our CME resource libraries where appropriate.

Best case scenario; sales start rolling in right away! However, we can't guarantee anything  specific because our crystal ball is still not working properly. So expect a reasonable timeline of seconds to months-ish.

If sales never get going? Either there's a technical error or it just wasn't meant to be. Like we said earlier, we're in business for the long term, so we'll keep at it as long as you want us to.

Institutional Sales Considerations

If you need at least 10 individual licenses, you are in the right place.

For the most part, a separate license is required for each individual clinician who will be able to use the platform.

That may involve creating a profile, accessing content, claiming CME credit, or otherwise engaging with the solution.

We might still be able to work something out with groups of 9 or fewer, however. Get in touch and let's find out!

While features and capabilities may vary from provider to provider, these are the general benefits afforded to institutional purchasers.

  • IP authentication
  • EMR Integration
  • Interoperability with other solutions like Up To Date
  • Meets Risk Management CME Requirements
  • Additional Patient Resources
  • Telehealth Integrations

Continuing Medical Education

Affiliate Marketing for CME

With an engaged audience of healthcare professionals spanning every medical specialty, we can be an effective partner to help grow your affiliate marketing program for your CME product. 

Leverage our content strategy and CME database to promote your online or in-person CME offers.

Partners only pay for confirmed sales, protecting your advertising budget and growing revenue.

Partnership Highlights

For Medical Market Research Panel Owners

Modern MedEd can help recruit verifiable healthcare professionals for your new or established market research panel.

Learn more about how recruitment partnership works.

For Independent Companies or Researchers

Have a business question (or set) you need answered but not sure where to start?

Want multiple bids before deciding? We can help.

Learn more about this service, including how to take advantage at no charge.

hcp Panel recruitment Considerations: An faq

It's not unlike our established development of affiliate relationships for CME promotion.

We've been working with several industry-leading market research agencies for almost as long as we've been around.

Once an agreement is reached, you provide us with the link to your newly built lead-capturing landing page.

After verifying the registration form is operational and generating measurable data, we'll begin with existing placement opportunities and start the process for additional opportunities.

We work within a fairly predictable market rate per recruit, so as long as you have a comfortable understanding of your internal recruitment cost metrics, we can work to help you stay on target.

That said, recruitment payments can equate to a simple flat fee per panelist to a tiered structure based on the specificity of targeting by therapeutic area, clinician type, or geographic distribution.

Considerations for independent Researchers: An FAQ

Woah, we're not that kind of company, you see? Yes, we have an email list full of awesome and attractive (both inside & out) healthcare professionals, but we don't sell their information to third parties.

It's not us, it's you; really.

A verified, research-grade, bona-fide quality-assured panel of clinical market research participants doesn't coalesce overnight.

The management and responsibility of which also brings a lot of fine print and compliance departments that just don't fit into our current business structure.

That said, you appear to be in the right place so far.

Glad you asked! The benefit to working with us first, rather than going directly to one of our fine market research partners listed below, is a broader selection of bids with a less-stress, lower-effort procurement process.

Currently, this is a somewhat hands-on process, though not overly so.

However, we know managing correspondence, remote meetings, and other logistics of collaboration can introduce the potential for friction.

We'll manage that component for you with full support. The robot participation may vary over time, but we'll be sure to relay that to you ahead of time.

We don't charge you for this service, as we are compensated by our partners for successful matches. You can also feel confident knowing our services won't change your final project expense, either.

Industry Partnerships

Medical Market Research

Leverage our audience of healthcare professionals to grow your market research panel.

We refer hundreds of physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinicians to our market research partners every month, with more than 90 percent of our traffic coming from the United States.

Partnership Highlights

Our Focus: CME

We are clinicians who love medical education. That's why our service focus fully integrates the spirit of CME.

That means we aren't experts on every clinical topic, but we can either catch up quickly or bring a clinically-equivalent subject matter expert to the project just as fast.

The types of projects we have broad experience executing include clinical monographs for healthcare professionals, test-item writing, review, or medical editing services.

We also don't shy from related copywriting or unique medical education formats, like Medical Joyworks for example.

AMWA Proud Member
American Medical Writers Association Membership

Our Services

Depending on the therapeutic area, we can act as technical consultants and help guide the project if it's within our clinical jurisdiction. Since we live in the CME world, we can't offer support for projects such as NDAs or regulatory filings.

The vast majority of top-tier medical writers will do this as a matter of practice, and is a clear justification for the premium that is attached.

That depends on your request, project needs, and availability. Usually, you'll get the founder of Modern MedEd for your project.

However, the possibility of external factors necessitating a pre-vetted, trusted SME remains and should be acknowledged.

I'm going to repeat my politician-like response without giving you a direct answer. Not because I'm worried our prices will scare you off, but because any uneducated guess is not an honest estimate.

Plus, unintended self-selection of clients associated with premium charges is a benefit to businesses like Modern MedEd.

Get in touch and let us know what you need, and we'll crunch the numbers and give you a range to work with.


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Listen to your CME while pretending you've found the secret to multitasking.

Clinical Decision Support CME

Experience next level CME with AI-powered clinical decision support tools.

CME Conferences

Miss CME meetings? Take a look at some real-life (and virtual) CME events!

CME with Gift Card Rewards

CME with gift cards and other rewards to stretch your CME allowance further than ever.

Medical Calculators that Earn CME

Earn CME credits at the point of care for using the tools you already know and trust.

Medical Spanish CME Tutoring

Take your communication to the next level and increase access to care for entire communities.

CME Subscriptions

Pay once, access CME for two or three years in dozens of specialties. Updates included.

Online CME Activities

Now that you know you don't HAVE to travel for CME anymore, why would you?

Psychedelic CME

Stay ahead of the game with the latest research in psychedelic medicine. Patients will be asking.

Procedural (Hands-On) CME

Learn essential procedures from home with the same professional materials more cost-effectively.

Question Bank CME

Engaging board-style vignettes with CME credit that adds up quickly and easily.

Travel CME

Learn about essential updates from somewhere you've never been before.

Unlimited CME Credits

Earn all the CME credits you could possibly need (or want) from one CME purchase.

Wilderness CME

Enhance your medical survival skills by practicing in real-life environments with experienced instructors.

Video CME

Visual learners have more options than ever for finding quality CME that speaks to their style.


Learn stuff. Ski. Repeat.
Get paid for claiming "SKI-M-E" credit.

CME Cruises

Earn CME on a river. Or earn CME credits at sea. Don't forget to claim your "SEA"-M-E.

Augmented Reality CME

Give it a few years and it'll be cool.
Just you watch.

Our CME Values: Quality Certified

We work with independent CME providers that do not accept industry funding.

ANy CME we recommend meets the following standards:

Providers not meeting these standards may be mentioned for sake of completeness or topic relevance.
Our relationship will be clearly disclosed.