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Just Honest Reviews of Continuing Medical Education

A recent study exploring barriers to CME confirmed our shared frustrations:

There were several factors clinicians identified as headache-inducing characteristics about continuing medical education.

The top 3 were:

Expense: The cost of CME is increasing, but your CME fund is not.

Travel: Flying to a conference and returning to hundreds of EPIC inbox tasks sucks.

And even just discovering CME: Organizers have limited resources and even more limited marketing skills. 

With all the options from which to choose, it can seem like an overwhelming task every year to select, earn, and log your required CME credits. It's a good thing you aren't busy. What's that? You've never NOT been busy?

That's Where We Come In

CME Reviews & Comparisons

As a licensed healthcare professional, meeting your annual CME requirements is simply a fact of life. But today, there are more options to earn CME than ever. So how does one decide?

I've been involved in the CME industry for years and have participated in what feels like decades worth of CME in a fraction of the time. 

And in a self-perpetuating cycle, the more CME I do, the more offers I receive to review CME products for Modern MedEd. Not every CME offer makes the cut, but those that do find a place on this website are the CMEs I am truly excited about sharing with you.  

Because of my experience as a clinician, CME faculty member, and planning committee chair, I have unique insights to share with you about more CME programs than I can count.

I also recognize how difficult it is for busy clinicians to feel like they can be sure they made the right choice for their CME needs.

With so many factors to consider, such as in-person conferences or online CME, subscriptions or point-of-care apps, your individual CME stipend (or lack thereof), it almost becomes an exercise in game theory to maximize your ongoing clinical education.  

CME Activity Reviews

As a licensed healthcare professional, meeting your annual CME requirements is simply a fact of life.

But today, there are more ways to earn CME than ever. This guide will help you find the best CME course for you this year and for many to come.

Factors to Consider When Choosing CME

CME Activity Reviews

Some of the CME we've reviewed

Review of Every CME with Gift Card Offer in 2024

There are 11 CME with gift card offers that made the list this year. Find out which has the largest gift card, the most value, and more in our review.

Board Vitals CME Professional Review

Board Vitals offers compelling CME that can be earned quickly while helping you retain important concepts. Their question-bank style format is perfect for both CME and board review, covering over 40 specialties. 

Our Rating: 4.8

CMEinfo Insider Review

CMEinfo Insider is perfect for physicians who are multiple board certified or PAs working in more than one specialty. It's also invaluable for primary care clinicians due to the breadth of the information here. 

With CMEinfo Insider, you'll have access to the library of every Oakstone specialty in downloadable audio, text, and video formats plus new content added monthly. 

Our Rating: 4.8

MDCalc CME Unlimited Review

MDCalc is a well-known, trusted source of free, open-access medical education (FOAMed).

All of their calculators remain free to use, but you can now purchase a subscription to earn CME credits for using certain medical calculators of theirs.

More calculators are being added to the CME roster all the time, so this is not one to miss! If that wasn't enough, MDCalc currently offers the largest CME with gift card bundle available online, up to $3,500.

Our Rating: 4.7

Medmastery Review

Medmastery helps you solve 90% of clinical problems you'll encounter without the help of a more senior consultant. US & EU CME Accredited.


Our Rating: 4.6

VisualDx + Derm Expert CME Review

I'll keep this one short. Earn CME every time you use VisualDx plus get a free iPad (for a limited time) with your 1- or 2-year subscription.

Get this app. Now. I can't stress this enough. It's amazing and will make your life so much easier, I promise you. And yes, you'll want DermExpert, too, trust me.

Our Rating: 4.6

Audio Digest CME Review

If you learn best by listening to experts geek out about their field of study (who doesn't), then Audio Digest is for you.

Buy it through Modern MedEd and get an extra $100 gift card for free.

Our Rating: 4.8

Practical Reviews CME Review

Practical Reviews is one of those CME products that you just can't go wrong with. As a true CME subscription, it offers brand-new content delivered straight to you every single month. 

Our Rating: 4.7

CME Comparison Tables

MDCalc vs VisualDx Comparison


Key Features:

  • Subscription plans ranging from free to $5,449 with a free gift card in return
  • Access between 5 and unlimited CME credits depending on plan
  • All CME subscriptions come with an MDCalc gift set or gift card up to $3,000
  • Support MDCalc as a free (non CME) resource for others

MDCalc CME Plans
(1 year)

Standard Plan

  • 15 CME credits: $199

Plus 30 Plan

  • 30 CME credits: $299

Plus 40 Plan:

  • 40 CME credits: $449

CME + Gift Card

Plus 65

  • 65 CME credits + $1050 gift card: $1999

Plus 75

  • 75 CME credits + $1600 gift card: $2999


  • Unlimited CME + $3000 gift card: $5449

VisualDx + DermExpert

Key Features:

  • Customized differential builder + guided workup
  • Earn unlimited CME at the point-of-care just by using the app
  • Concise, actionable synopses for conditions seen in every specialty
  • DermExpert comes with AI support for rashes, lesions, moles, etc on mobile
Visualdx logo

Individual CME Plans (1 or 2 years)

VisualDx + DermExpert: $999 for one year or $1,499 for 2 years +free iPad with either CME subscription


Additional features for institutional accounts:
  • IP authentication
  • UpToDate interoperability
  • Integration with EHR
  • Certified for risk CME accreditation
  • Learn More

CMEinfo Insider & Practical Reviews Comparison

CMEinfo Insider Summary

Key Decision Points:

Freshness of CME Content:

Updated monthly

Amount of CME Credits Available:


Variety of Learning Formats:

Audio, Video, Customizable Playlists

Subscription Length:

Up to three years


From $1,999 to $5,449

CME Bundle:

Free Amazon Gift Card up to $3,200
Save 50% on CMEinfo Insider
Overall Rating: 4.8

Practical Reviews Summary

Key Decision Points:

Freshness of CME Content:

20 specialties updated monthly

Amount of CME Credits Available:


Variety of Learning Formats:

Written & Audio Summaries

Subscription Length:

One or two years


From $998 to $1,995

CME Bundle:

Free $500 Amazon Gift Card
Oakstone Practical Reviews promo code


One Year: $599 + $200 gift card

Two Years: $1,998 + $500 gift card

Overall Rating: 4.7
Overall Rating: 4.8
Overall Rating: 4.7

Audio Digest CME vs Board Vitals Quick Comparison

Features Audio Digest Board Vitals
Category 1 CME Hours 4300+ Up to 100
Gift Card Max $3,000 No Gift Card
Specialties Covered 17+ 35+
Pricing $4,998 $999 (1 year)
Devices & Technology Desktop, Android, iOS Desktop, Android, iOS

Audio Digest CME v BoardVitals

Review and Comparison

Audio Digest CME vs BoardVitals

Having a hard time deciding between Audio Digest CME and BoardVitals?

Read our review and comparison guide to find out which is right for you.

Audio Digest CME Summary

Key Decision Points:

Freshness & Quality of CME Content:

New topics every ~2 weeks

Amount of CME Credits Available:

More than 4,300

Variety of Learning Formats:

Audio, written summaries, mobile app

Subscription Length:

Up to two years


From $1,999 to $4,998

CME Bundle:

Free Gift Card up to $3,000
Audio Digest Foundation Logo

Silver Membership: $399/yr

Gold Membership: $799/yr

Platinum Membership: $999/yr

Our Rating: 4.8

Our Favorite Point-of-Care Medical Apps

We've written extensively on some key medical apps we think all clinicians should download. Some are free, some not; some award CME, some not, but all are worth it.

Some highlights:

  • MDCalc
  • VisualDx
  • Figure1
  • Medical Joyworks

DosedDaily CME Review

For the busy ENT physician, PA, or NP, it can feel like there is no time in the day to catch up on the latest literature.

DosedDaily solves this problem by sending you a single daily email with a question and explanation from a new, clinically-relevant issue in the specialty of your choice:

Our Rating: 4.8

DosedDaily CME Summary

Key Features:

  • Earn CME effortlessly every day of the week in just a few minutes
  • Learn something clinically useful for that day before morning rounds
  • Log both CME and ABOHNS MOC points awarded
  • Additional specialties including facial plastics, pediatric ENT, head & neck oncology, otology, & rhinology
Specialty CME Otolaryngology ENT
  • Monthly Plan
    • 2 CME credits & MOC points starting at $40/mo
  • Annual Plan
    • 24 CME credits & MOC points starting at $299/yr ($499/yr for subspecialties)
  • 2 or 3 Year Plans
    • 72 CME credits & MOC points & additional savings compared to annual
Our Rating: 4.8

StatPearls CME Review

StatPearls is a comprehensive and authoritative medical education resource, CME article review, board review tool, and CME question bank. 

For just $349 per year, you can earn unlimited CME credits. Want unlimited CME for life? Check out the Founding Member option!

Our Rating: 4.6

StatPearls Founding Member CME

Pay once and get unlimited, regularly updated CME from one of the best medical education companies in the world for five years, ten years, or for the rest of your life

5-Year Unlimited CME: $1,495 $999

10-Year Unlimited CME: $3,500 $1,495

Lifetime Unlimited CME: $5,000 $2,499

Our Rating: 5.0

CME Reviews in the Works

[dedicated reviews coming soon]

Master Clinicians CME

Master Clinicians Logo

Master Clinicians is the leading provider of urgent care CME for physicians, PAs, and NPs at any stage in their career. 

You can customize your learning plan or go with one already make for the busy clinician.

Purchase individual courses in key topic areas like EKG, splinting, or women's health procedures. Alternatively, choose a virtual CME conference bundle and get a free gift card in return. 

Canopy Medical Spanish CME

Canopy Medical Spanish Logo

Canopy Medical Spanish is perfect for clinicians seeing to improve their communication skills. 

Currently, PAs and DOs are eligible for category 1 CME with this program. More professions will be able to claim category 1 CME soon. 

Save 20% with promo code MODERN20

Microdose Psychedelics CME

Microdose unconventional psychedelic CME

Microdose is a new CME company on the block. I think it's safe to say you've never done CME like this before. 

Learn about the latest evidence in psychedelic medicine and the emerging (and not so emerging) evidence for the role of these unique substances in the treatment of refractory psychiatric conditions.  

Quickly & Easily Find CME
Based on Your Learning Preferences

(18 modailties found)

Click the icon or title to go straight to the most relevant section of the website for that particular CME format.

Audio CME Courses

Listen to your CME while pretending you've found the secret to multitasking.

Clinical Decision Support CME

Experience next level CME with AI-powered clinical decision support tools.

CME Conferences

Miss CME meetings? Take a look at some real-life (and virtual) CME events!

CME with Gift Card Rewards

CME with gift cards and other rewards to stretch your CME allowance further than ever.

Medical Calculators that Earn CME

Earn CME credits at the point of care for using the tools you already know and trust.

Medical Spanish CME Tutoring

Take your communication to the next level and increase access to care for entire communities.

CME Subscriptions

Pay once, access CME for two or three years in dozens of specialties. Updates included.

Online CME Activities

Now that you know you don't HAVE to travel for CME anymore, why would you?

Psychedelic CME

Stay ahead of the game with the latest research in psychedelic medicine. Patients will be asking.

Procedural (Hands-On) CME

Learn essential procedures from home with the same professional materials more cost-effectively.

Question Bank CME

Engaging board-style vignettes with CME credit that adds up quickly and easily.

Travel CME

Learn about essential updates from somewhere you've never been before.

Unlimited CME Credits

Earn all the CME credits you could possibly need (or want) from one CME purchase.

Wilderness CME

Enhance your medical survival skills by practicing in real-life environments with experienced instructors.

Video CME

Visual learners have more options than ever for finding quality CME that speaks to their style.


Learn stuff. Ski. Repeat.
Get paid for claiming "SKI-M-E" credit.

CME Cruises

Earn CME on a river. Or earn CME credits at sea. Don't forget to claim your "SEA"-M-E.

Augmented Reality CME

Give it a few years and it'll be cool.
Just you watch.

Our CME Values: Quality Certified

We work with independent CME providers that do not accept industry funding.

ANy CME we recommend meets the following standards:

Providers not meeting these standards may be mentioned for sake of completeness or topic relevance.
Our relationship will be clearly disclosed.