About Modern MedEd

Modern MedEd was founded by Jordan P Roberts, PA-C and is jointly managed between him and co-founder Kristina Saric. 

Jordan is a licensed healthcare professional, a clinician turned entrepreneur, with a long history of involvement in medical writing and the CME community.

Kristina is an entrepreneur and marketing expert with valuable experience in the healthcare industry herself.

What Makes Our Content Authoritative?

In addition to being a co-founder, Jordan is also the de-facto editor-in-chief and head of clinical and scientific content at Modern MedEd. He’s been involved in CME planning, creation, and leadership since graduating from PA school in 2015. 

We review, compare, and recommend interesting CME products here based on personal history and scientific merit of the content, overall quality of the CME provider, and from the perspective of a (formerly) practicing clinician.

This unique experience allows us to share insights other medical education sites simply will never be able to match.

Also, as a father, Jordan can sneak in some pretty devastating dad jokes into an otherwise serious article, transforming a boring product review into something resembling entertainment.

Experts in Clinical Connections

We connect healthcare professionals like you with awesome CME you never thought to try, interesting jobs you’ve always wanted to work, medical market research opportunities that pay honorarium, and other resources to help you improve your career in medicine.

We offer two main services related to medical writing:

  • CME and other medical education content creation
  • CME and other medical education marketing

We are also able to partner with certain medical market research panels to reach a targeted  and engaged clinician audience.

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