About Modern MedEd

Our mission is to create the highest quality medical education around.

We serve healthcare companies and clinicians by developing relevant, engaging medical education on a variety of platforms.

Trusted Medical Education

Modern MedEd provides medical communications, education, and consulting services.

We create and deliver CME-worthy content for MedEd providers, publishers, and healthcare innovators. This goes on to serve audiences of students, clinicians, and other professionals in the industry. 

Our Philosophy

We understand that clinicians are both creators and consumers of CME, MedEd, and scientific publications. That’s why we know healthcare professionals demand relevance, clarity, and accuracy in all the material that is meant for us.

We would also prefer not to be bored to tears every time we need to learn something new. 

Even with the die-hard traditionalism in our healthcare system, you can be sure of one thing: death-by-PowerPoint is no longer accepted by today’s healthcare professionals. The message needs to be relevant, compelling, and unquestionably accurate to have a chance to succeed.

No more slide decks with this guy.

That’s why we work with our clients to carefully craft and refine their message so that it has the right impact on the right clinicians. Some of our favorite projects include:

  • Novel medical education delivery systems via mobile platforms
  • Medical podcast recording, editing, and production
  • Creation of entertaining, world-class continuing medical education
  • Development of promotional medical education materials
  • Board review & preparation for healthcare students

Communicate The Right Message to Your Audience

It is our goal to improve the educational experience and communication delivery of the most exciting field anyone can be a part of – medicine – by developing relevant, clinically useful, engaging medical education that our colleagues can use to continue to advance patient care.

We are a team that understands the needs and challenges you face to accomplish this goal. Learn more about working with us. To check our availability to help with your project, get in touch here and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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