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Medmastery Pro CME Review

Medmastery helps you solve 90% of clinical problems you'll encounter without the help of a more senior consultant. US & EU CME Accredited.

Updated: December 20, 2023
By Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C
MedMastery Pro CME Review

Medmastery CME Overview

Key Purchasing Decision Points:

CME Content Quality

All content is delivered by an expert in the field in a concise, easy-to-digest video format with downloadable PDF supplementary materials

CME Content Updates

New CME courses and workshops are added multiple times each month

CME Credits Available

Unlimited category 1 CME credits

Learning Formats

Short, engaging online video lectures, workshops, and downloadable PDF files

Subscription Length

One year


$564 billed annually, equivalent to $47/mo (30 day money-back guarantee)

Bonus CME Bundle

Access to all courses and workshops in the course library

Medmastery CME Plan

Twelve Months: Unlimited CME credits for $564

Medmastery's Most Noteworthy CME Activity:

ECG Series: Yellow Belt through Black Belt courses & workshops (35 CME credits)

Overall Rating: 4.63



Category 1 CME for U.S. & E.U. Physicians

Medmastery offers high-quality AMA PRA Category 1™ (or equivalent) CME in a variety of specialties for physicians in the United States and European Union. I’m personally very excited to have them here, because we’ve never had a CME provider explicitly accredited in both the US and EU. 

Their teaching style is in the form of short, engaging video lectures organized into relevant chapters. Each course is made up of a few chapters and comes with a downloadable PDF that contains the key messages from each video.

I personally found the content to be useful, informative, and engaging. I especially enjoyed the delivery via short videos. Medmastery may not be for everyone, but for those in the target demographic, it can be a great, affordable way to earn CME and improve your clinical skills.

EU & US Accredited CME

Pros, Cons, & Benefits

The biggest downside in my opinion is the size of the library. While there are more than 100 courses, this seems small in comparison to products like CMEinfo Insider, which has literally hundreds of multimedia CME activities. However, new CME eligible courses are added regularly, contributing to Medmastery's growing library.

That said, the course catalog is more than enough for general practitioners, hospitalists, emergency medicine clinicians, and especially residents and new grad PAs and NPs. In fact, there are plenty of entries about Medmastery on Reddit from users, many of whom appear to be medical students or residents. The vast majority appear very satisfied with the product, as I am myself.

Medmastery is also extremely useful for reviewing ECGs and laboratory interpretation, as there are several lectures covering both of these topics. It's all about making sure it's the right fit for you and your CME needs. 

When you sign up for Medmastery, you get access to the entire library. There is no option to pay for individual courses, if that’s more your preference. However, there is a free trial of the first chapter of each course, so it really doesn’t hurt to check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

In the rest of the article, let’s look at the specialties offered, my personal experience with Medmastery, their features, and pricing.

Medmastery Specialties

Cardiology (including EKG/ECG and echocardiography): 11 courses + 6 workshops

Nephrology: 5 courses + 1 workshop

Imaging: 8 courses + 3 workshops

Professional development: 7 courses

Ultrasound: 17 courses + 4 workshops

Pulmonary: 4 courses + 2 workshops

Endocrinology: 2 courses + 1 workshop

Infectious diseases: 7 courses

Hematology: 2 courses

Emergency medicine and critical care (including fluids, labs, and ventilation): 5 courses

Gastroenterology: 2 courses + 1 workshop

Neurology and Psychiatry: 4 courses

Clinical reasoning and examination: 3 courses + 1 workshop

Pharmacology: 2 courses

Dermatology: 1 course

Clinical pathology: 1 course

Note that at the time of publication, there are now 78 courses and 19 workshops (and counting).

Medmastery Specialties

As we mentioned above, cardiology is maybe one of the top selling points for MedMastery. There are several ECG courses and workshops that go from introduction to advanced interpretation. For many, it's worth it for these activities alone.

The ECG workshops alone are worth 35.0 AMA PRA category 1™ (or equivalent) CME credits. The rest of the cardiology courses can net you an additional 36.0 AMA PRA category 1™ (or equivalent) CME credits. 

Personal Experience with Medmastery

I took several courses over the weeks preceding this review. Because you are paying for an annual subscription, there is plenty of time to get through everything you’d want to learn. While browsing through the course list, I added several to my personal library for future viewing. This is a really nice feature that reduced my cognitive overload by allowing me to see only the relevant courses I wanted to take.

Here are the CME activities in which I participated.

For a total of 24.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™

I mostly chose clinical topics in which I have a personal/professional interest or clinical experience. Since I am also a new adjunct instructor, I loved the professional development and teaching videos. I am also working on the Brain CT Essentials Workshop, which is a series of cases of varying difficulty testing the knowledge from the course. I would highly recommend it if you deal with brain imaging at all in your practice. 

Medmastery Features

The modules are presented on an advanced video player with settings that allow you to control the playback speed and image quality. I like to listen to my lectures fast, so not having this would have been a bummer.

The individual videos are all relatively short, i.e. they are all less than 10 minutes long. These are my kind of videos; I have trouble sitting through a one-hour lecture, but for some reason, I can breeze through twelve 5-minute videos, no problem.

Furthermore, there was a bit of a psychological break every 5 or 6 videos to take a short quiz, which is eligible for category 1 CME credits if you have a Pro Membership and score 70% or better. If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake it as many times as you need to.

The quizzes provide feedback after each question, noting whether or not you answered correctly. There is also a brief video explanation available breaking down the item.

CME Quiz Fail
CME quiz not passed
CME quiz passed

Lastly, I noticed they added several additional courses since I initially signed up. It seemed to be just about every week a new course was added at no extra cost.

Medmastery Pricing

Since we focus on CME/CE here at Modern MedEd, we’re going to recommend a Medmastery Pro account. It costs $564 per year (equivalent to $47/mo). Note that you can get a basic membership for just $468 per year, but it doesn’t allow you to earn CME credits.

If you are planning to earn 100 CME credits, which is totally do-able on Medmastery, that’s the equivalent of paying $5.64 per credit. My strategy would be to buy it before the end of the year, and earn 50 CME credits before December 31st. Then, I'd earn another 50 the following year since there would be several months left on the subscription.

If that’s not affordable CME, I don’t know what is. And the quality is as good as any other more expensive provider.


Overall, Medmastery is a high quality CME provider for physicians in the United States and European Union. The course offerings are fantastic for clinicians working in ‘general’ specialties and new healthcare providers alike. 

Their lectures are set up to be engaging, memorable, and clinically useful, which I think they do wonderfully. I am certainly happy with my 24 new CME credits and will continue to use MedMastery in the future.

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First Published: October 24, 2022

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