Because of our medical backgrounds, we are uniquely suited to collaborate with you on your complex medical education projects.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to extract and communicate the most relevant clinical pearls from the scientific literature and raw scientific data.

And we don’t just deliver dull blocks of text to your audience, either. When appropriate, our communications style incorporates a variety of engaging styles. 

We can effectively meet today’s medical professionals on their home court to deliver the important clinical information they expect. We connect with audiences through social media, podcasts, reader-friendly slide decks, and other multimedia platforms.

And as clinicians, we speak the same jibberish – colloquial jargon, rather – that is only truly known by other healthcare professionals. This gives your message the authenticity and credibility your audience expects.

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Medical Education

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Our Services

We specialize in developing high-quality medical education for companies who serve healthcare professionals and students. 

Medical Writing

Expert medical writers with clinical, editorial, and literary experience who can write board-review style items, clinical vignettes, case studies, and more.


We have experience creating products that helps students preparing for PANCE, USMLE, FNP, and other high-stakes tests.

CME Programs

We create clinically-useful general and neurological CME for healthcare professionals.


We’ve had a hand in a variety of medical (and medical-ish) podcasts since 2016.

Clinical crowd-pleasers

As healthcare professionals and lifelong learners ourselves, we believe that medical education should work for clinicians, not the other way around.

For products in this market to be successful, ensuring that today’s clinician will actually use it is vital.

  • Relevant and accurate
  • Well-written and compelling
  • No snooze factor

Clinical Subject Matter Expertise

We work with clinical freelance medical writers with a variety of specialty subject matter expertise to ensure your medical education project exceeds your expectations.

From virology to endocrinology, surgery, and everything in between, we probably have what you are seeking.

And if we don’t have what you need, we’ll help you find someone who does.

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