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Updated: November 15, 2022
By Modern MedEd

Medical Survey Panels Paying Registration Bonuses in 2022

Medical Survey Panels Paying Bonuses 22

Your fellow clinicians are getting paid just to register for select medical survey panels. We'll show you how you can earn easy side income, too.

Medical Market Research Surveys Earning Potential

You’ve likely thought about joining a medical survey panel to earn some extra income without seeing patients and without much stress involved.

If you are like I was a few years ago, you also wonder if you can actually earn any money with these things.

I’m living proof that you can. Sometimes it feels like your registration information vanished into an internet black hole, or the company stopped sending surveys but maintains a website for some reason. It feels that way at times, but that's not the actual case. 

Some of us receive tons of surveys, thousands of dollars worth of invitations a year even – but never make it past an obnoxiously long set of screener questions.

There are a few reasons physicians and other clinicians are screened out of just about every survey opportunity they try to complete. A good rule of thumb is to consider survey panels that keep the screeners short; 5 questions of fewer is ideal. It's also nice to earn a bonus just for signing up. 

How do you know which panels offer short screeners? Lucky for you, we have the inside scoop. We'll also cover the bonus amounts for those same panels in this article.

By joining all the panels listed below, your immediate earning potential is $80, plus potential referral bonuses for inviting your friends and colleagues.

$50 from All Global Circle + $20 from MD for Lives + $10 from M3 Global Research + bonuses from InCrowd & ZoomRx.

Here's how it breaks down in practice.

Medical Survey Panels with Registration & Other Bonuses

Click any of the companies listed below to jump ahead to the relevant section. 

All Global Circle ($50)

MD for Lives ($20)

InCrowd ($10 per referral)

ZoomRx ($30 per referral)

My Medical Panel ($8 per referral)

But first, a quick tip on maximizing your earnings through paid medical market research surveys.

How to Maximize Medical Survey Earnings

One reason healthcare professionals may feel they can’t make money with online medical market research questionnaires is because of good old math.

Even the most specialized clinician will realistically be eligible for a small percentage of medical market research surveys to which they are invited.

I can’t say there is an ‘average’ hit rate to expect, but I’m happy to qualify for five to ten percent of the surveys I receive.

If you only open these invitation emails once a year, you can’t blame anyone but math for feeling like you wasted your time.

It’s like you tell your patients all the time; the medicine doesn’t work if you leave it in the bottle forever.

Joining several good, already vetted medical survey panels is the statistically most successful way to make medical surveys a noticeable source of side income.

However, you can also earn money from some panels without taking surveys yourself.

Here are the handful of medical market research panels currently offering incentives for clinicians to take certain surveys, refer or share surveys with colleagues, or my favorite – just registering for the panel.

As in, you don’t have to participate in even one survey if you don’t feel like it, and you still get paid.

All Global Circle - $50 bonus

All Global Circle Logo

All Global Circle currently offers the largest incentive for clinicians to register for their panel. 

It is currently awarded in two payments of $25; the first for registering and the second for verifying your specialty via NPI or some other method, depending on your country.

Additionally, you can earn a $25 incentive for each colleague you successfully refer, once their specialty is verified.

Clinicians of all designations (physician, nurse practitioner, physician associate, etc) are eligible.

Note that you do need to be practicing in one of the following countries to qualify for the bonus, which is paid out in your local currency.













MD for Lives - $20 bonus

New Paid Survey Panel MD for Lives

Healthcare professionals of all specialties are welcome to register for this new medical survey panel. However, only those from the following countries are eligible for a $20 bonus from MD for Lives. They are also focusing on recruiting attending physicians, nurses, and pharmacists at the moment. Unfortunately, residents are not eligible for the bonus right now. 

If you are a resident, we recommend M3 Global research.

MD for Lives may be the new kid on the block, but they are flooded with surveys. This translates to better odds of qualifying for more paid surveys available than with more established companies.

MD for Lives is also one of just two medical survey panels that has a convenient mobile app, which optimizes the surveys for any device. It really does reduce friction and makes using it fairly enjoyable.

Lastly, a goldrush never lasts forever. That's why it's a smart move to register for this panel now before everyone else does.

InCrowd - $10 per referral

InCrowd Paid Physician Surveys

When you register with InCrowd, you'll get invitations for short, quick microsurveys. Perfect for those of us with attention spans rivaling goldfish. Or just really busy schedules.

InCrowd is one of the only market research panels that consistently pays you, even when you screen out of a survey. Don't expect more than about a dollar per disqualification, but you are still getting paid for not working.

If you aren’t satisfied with the volume of invitations, or if you want to earn more, you can.

In your profile, there will be a unique link you can use to refer your medical colleagues; earning $10 for each one who registers and completes a survey.

If you don't see the link right away, be sure to contact support to ask for the link to be added.

Because your colleague needs to complete a survey for you to get paid, it might take some time before you see your first bonus.

However, once they start they can continue as regularly as you refer.

Physicians, PAs, nurse practitioners, and other licensed healthcare professionals of all specialties practicing in the United States can take advantage of this program.

Join InCrowd here.

M3 Global Research - $10 Registration Bonus

M3 Global Research Paid Physician Survey Panel

M3 Global Research has a couple of earnings opportunities to offer.

The first, of course, is taking part in paid survey opportunities after registering for the panel and verifying your identity.

The other way to earn is a variation on those mentioned above: Referral bonuses for specific surveys and occasional incentives for referring other registrants.

Panelists are periodically offered cash incentives for referring other healthcare professionals to certain, specific, hard-to-fill survey opportunities that are important to complete.

It's arguably a more efficient variation on the requirement your referrals complete a survey before you get paid yourself.

If you have any overachieving friends from your medical training (who didn’t), you have a good opportunity to earn some pretty effortless side money.

If you are thinking of which triple-boarded, double-fellowship trained, sub- sub-specialty specialist friends you have, that’s great. However, now you're being the overachiever.

Most of the time the referral bonus is for specialists we all know but whose scarcity we normally don’t recognize.

From now until December 18, 2022, you can get $80 for each oncologist or hematologist you refer and $60 for each dermatologist, cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, or rheumatologist you send their way. If you refer three or more heme/oncs, you'll get an additional $50. You have to be a panelist yourself to access your specific referral link, so be sure to join M3 Global Research today.

Not only that, but M3 probably sends the most survey opportunities at pleasantly short intervals. This has been my experience with M3 Global Research, but I’m not alone.

A diverse group of clinicians in other specialties who I’ve heard from over the years attest to this as well.

This is a numbers game, remember? Any clinician who wants to optimize earning potential should be on this panel.

Join M3 Global Research here.

ZoomRx - $30 per referral

ZoomRx quickly paid medical surveys

While there is no payment for initially joining ZoomRx, you can earn a healthy $30 for each healthcare professional you refer. After finishing your profile, you’ll find a unique link to share with all your medical friends, who can get the same deal.

Once someone you’ve referred via your link completes their first survey, $30 immediately goes right into your account.

On that note, ZoomRx absolutely lives up to their name. If you select PayPal as your mode of payment, it is sent seconds after it's earned. A nice departure from some more traditional panels that can take a few weeks to mail you a check.

That said, you can elect payment via paper check, which is sent right on schedule every month you are owed money.

Furthermore, the surveys are short and plentiful, and can be completed without frustration on their cleanly-designed mobile app. Overall, there is definitely a solid earning potential with ZoomRx.

Join ZoomRx here.

My Medical Panel - $8 per referral

My Medical Panel online surveys for cash

My Medical Panel is a relatively new online medical survey panel to me. I'm registered with them and may have gotten one or two survey invitations over the last couple of months. I haven't qualified for any studies, so I have limited knowledge on their payout process. 

There is a referral promotion going on from now until the end of June 2022, with ‘prizes' of up to $150 paid via Amazon vouchers.  After the promotion expires, each referral pays just $8 (in Amazon vouchers) per referral. Another catch is that the healthcare professionals you refer must qualify for and take a study within 90 days of registering for your referral voucher to be issued. 

In addition to the low referral rate, the survey requirement makes it significantly harder to earn from referrals. 

You can help us out by joining My Medical Panel through our link and letting us know about your experience. 

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Medical Survey Panels Mentioned:

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Originally Published: July 26, 2021

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