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Medical Reviewer: Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C

Audio Digest CME vs BoardVitals

[comparison & review]

If you are currently deciding between spending your CME money on Audio Digest CME vs BoardVitals, this article is for you.

Last Updated: August 4, 2021
Audio Digest CME vs BoardVitals

Audio Digest CME & BoardVitals Go Head-to-Head

The deadline to spend your CME money might seem distant, but it’s never too early to start narrowing down your choices.

If you are currently deciding between Audio Digest CME vs BoardVitals CME, we’re here to help.

We’ve done both options, and (spoiler), they are both fantastic.

But depending on your individual situation, one might be better than the other for you, so we thought we’d share our experience.

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Audio Digest CME vs Board Vitals Quick Comparison

Features Audio Digest Board Vitals
Category 1 CME Hours 4300+ Up to 100
CME with Gift Card Up to $2,000 Amazon or Bank of America Up to $2,500 Amazon or Visa>
Specialties Covered 17+ 35+
Pricing From $1,998 (with discount) to $3,998 (with $2,000 gift card) From $3,800 (with $2,000 gift card) to $4,750 (with $2,500 gift card)
Devices & Technology Desktop, Android, iOS Desktop, Android, iOS

Audio Digest CME vs Board Vitals Quick Comparison

General Overview

Satisfy CME, prepare for boards & complete MOC

Practice thousands of board-style review questions

Covers 35+ specialties

Satisfy CME, prepare for boards & complete MOC

Listen to thousands of pre-recorded medical lectures from top experts

Covers 17+ specialties

State CME Requirements?

CME Coach™ easily identifies state requirements by specialty

Collection of programs meeting 27 state-level requirements

CME with Gift Card Option

Yes; up to $2,500 Amazon or Visa Card

Yes; up to $2,000 Amazon or Bank of America

Earn CME on Which Devices?

Desktop, Android, iOS

Desktop, Android, iOS

Pricing: 2 Year Access

From $3,800 (with $2,000 gift card) to $4,750 (with $2,500 gift card)

From $1,998 (with discount) to $3,998 (with $2,000 gift card)

Our Rating

Board Vitals Logo

BoardVitals Summary

Key Features:

  • Earn up to 100 CME credits, depending on specialty
  • Practice thousands of board-style questions & explanations
  • Covers 30+ specialties on desktop, tablet, and a new mobile app
  • CME subscription options of up to 24 months
  • Gift card up to $2,500

BoardVitals CME Pro Plus

BoardVitals is a unique and engaging way to earn CME.

Their collection of medical question banks cover nearly every specialty and can be completed on any device. 

The questions are board-style, many of them interesting and thought-provoking case-based vignettes. 

Choose test mode where you can fly through dozens of questions in no time.

Or, use practice mode to answer questions and read the explanations right away if that’s more your style. 

That’s the way I do it so that I don’t forget the point of the first question by the time I’ve finished another fifty. 

BoardVitals CME can be completed online or on their mobile app and the credits you earn are automatically calculated and tracked.

It really is the fastest and easiest way to earn all your CME for the year. 

One potential drawback is the app, while interactive and engaging, is not meant for point-of-care usage.

If you are looking to earn CME at the point-of-care, then consider these medical apps instead. 

While there is no audio content on BoardVitals like there is on Audio Digest, the medical content of BoardVitals’ library is engaging and can be done nearly anywhere.

Just not while you are driving. Or operating heavy machinery. Or operating in general; your phone isn’t even close to sterile.  

On another note, BoardVitals offers the largest CME with gift card option on the internet. CME Pro Plus comes with an Amazon gift card or prepaid Visa card of up to $2,500.  

Get your BoardVitals CME with a gift card option here

Audio Digest CME Summary

Key Features:

  • Access to 4,300+ CME credits available
  • Download & listen to medical lectures as new ones are added monthly
  • Delve into the latest updates in 17 specialties on any device
  • CME subscriptions of up to 24 months
  • Free gift card of up to $2,000

Audio Digest CME

Audio Digest has been around providing quality audio CME for decades now.

However, just because the company is probably older than you doesn’t mean they aren’t innovators in the CME world. 

Not only are they available as online CME, but they also have an app you can download on the App Store or Android, so you can listen on the go. 

Audio Digest is perfect for those with long commutes or other monotonous, time-intensive parts of their daily routine. 

My commute used to be an hour to 90 minutes each way if I was lucky, and let’s just say the luckiest I got was getting out of a speeding ticket.

I only wish I had subscribed to Audio Digest back then. 

Either way, once my commute shortened, I still pulled the trigger and I’m glad I did.

The lectures are top-notch and I have no problem finding time to listen, even with a business to run and a new baby, the latter of which fortunately gets the majority of my attention. 

Audio Digest CME is also great for those who want CME with gift card options, with $2,000 being the upper limit in this particular case.

Clinicians who need a lot of CME credits fast, or a multi-year membership should consider this option. 

Additionally, healthcare professionals who want to complete their state-mandated CME in the same place as their usual CME would also find Audio Digest suitable. 

AudioDigest Oncology Clinical Compendium Screenshot
Click to enlarge

Audio Digest CME Specialties

Audio Digest CME covers the following 17 specialty areas.

  • Anesthesiology CME
  • Anesthesiology for CRNAs 
  • Cardiology CME
  • Emergency Medicine CME
  • Family Medicine CME
  • Gastroenterology CME
  • General Surgery CME
  • Internal Medicine CME
  • Neurology CME
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology CME
  • Oncology CME
  • Ophthalmology CME
  • Orthopaedics CME
  • Otolaryngology CME
  • Pediatrics CME
  • Psychiatry CME
  • Urology CME

One possible downside is that if you are someone who can’t sit through a lecture 30 minutes or longer, Audio Digest CME may not be for you.

For shorter audio lectures, make sure to check out Oakstone CME offers

The app is pretty handy, and a key part of the experience in my opinion.

While the Android rating is a dismal 1.7 stars, I haven’t had more than just minor glitches after using it on two different Android phones (Google Pixel XL and more recently, Samsung Galaxy S20).

For Apple users, the app seems to be much better, as it has an average rating of 4.7 stars. 

Choose your Audio Digest CME subscription level here for an extra $50 or $100 gift card.

Verdict: Audio Digest CME or BoardVitals

Which CME option is better for you depends on the key features you want and your personal learning preferences.

These are two very different programs with several sub-options available to the clinician.

Still can’t decide? Check out our in-depth CME reviews as well as part 2 of this series: VisualDx vs MDCalc.

First Published: December 17, 2020

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