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These online CME subscriptions all offer plans with unlimited CME. Yes, I know it’s literally impossible (and impractical) to earn that much CME, but there is value in the unrestrained variety you get for one price.

Unlimited CME subscriptions are meant for two groups of clinicians. The first; physicians, PAs, and NPs who need more CME than they care to admit in less time than they care to acknowledge.

Second; those who want multi-year access to a regularly-updated library of the latest medical evidence without having to search the entire internet for it. Significant overlap between group members is expected.

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Featured Unlimited CME Offers

A New Type of Unlimited CME Offer

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StatPearls Founding Member CME

Pay once and get unlimited, regularly updated CME from one of the best medical education companies in the world for five years, ten years, or for the rest of your life

5-Year Unlimited CME: $1,495 $999

10-Year Unlimited CME: $3,500 $1,495

Lifetime Unlimited CME: $5,000 $1,999

Our Rating: 5.0

StatPearls Unlimited Annual CME Subscription

Price: $299 per year

Our Rating: 5.0

In addition to unlimited CME earning potential, many of the offers below also come with a free gift card. However, this page might be better if you are specifically after CME with gift card offers.

CMEinfo Insider

Price: $3,849 for a 3 year subscription + a free $2,000 gift card bonus with your CME

Oakstone CMEinfo Insider Special Offer

Practical Reviews

Price: $1,995 with $1,000 gift card for a 2 year subscription

practical reviews in a pandemic
VisualDx CME

VisualDx + Derm Expert

Price: $749 with $250 gift card for a 1 year subscription

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MDCalc Unlimited CME Plan

Price: $4,999 with $2,750 gift card for a 1 year subscription

MDCalc CME Gift Card
AudioDigest Platinum Membership has unlimited CME

Audio Digest CME

Price: $3,998 with $2,000 gift card for a 2 year subscription

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