Essential Urgent Care CME

Master Clinicians CME Membership

Price: $999
CME Credits Available: 100.00

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The Ultimate Master Clinicians CME Conference Bundle

Price: $849
CME Credits Available: 50.50

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Urgent Care Triple CME Conference Bundle

Price: $749
CME Credits Available: 43.50

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Mastery Urgent Care Bundle for the NP

Price: $699
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Emergency Medicine Essentials

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Master Clinicians offers top-notch CME in a variety of learning formats, including lecture series, on-demand CME conferences, hands-on skills workshops, and free CME options, 

Unparalleled CME for the urgent care physician, PA, and NP. 

Topics include:

Essentials of Urgent Care

CME with Gift Cards

Laceration Repair


Point of Care Ultrasound

Telemedicine CME

Urgent Care Bootcamps

Womens Health

Master Clinicians CME Topics

Featured Urgent Care CME Courses

Essentials of Urgent Care

More than 40 critical urgent care topics covered
Earn 5 category 1 CME credits
Price: $250

POCUS Mastery Workshop

Urgent care oriented point of care ultrasound skills
Earn 5 category 1 CME credits
Price: $250

Urgent Care Orthopaedics

Review the most common UC ortho complaints
Earn 4 category 1 CME credits
Price: $250

Urgent Care Women's Health

Review common UC ob/gyn conditions
Earn 10 category 1 CME credits
Price: $249

Telemedicine CME

Covers telemedicine in the urgent care setting
Earn 23.5 category 1 CME credits
Price: $800 with free $400 gift card

CME with Free Gift Cards

Access to conferences & workshops
Earn 50.5 category 1 CME credits
Price: $1,400 with free gift card up to $700

Urgent Care Bootcamps

For new clinicians or those needing a refresher
Earn 3 category 1 CME credits
Price: $499

Laceration Repair Workshops

Practice a variety of hands-on lac repair techniques
Earn 3 category 1 CME credits
Price: $175

Save with a Master Clinicians Membership

Access two years worth of CME (100 credits) for just $999

The entire 2020 & 2021 course library (with Mastery Workshops) and new releases for 2021 are all included

Listen to the Podcast for Free CME

Master Clinicians podcast earns you free CME each month.

Covers COVID-19, CXR, ortho x-ray interpretation, the patient experience, dermatology, and more

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Audio CME Courses

Listen to your CME while pretending you've found the secret to multitasking.

Clinical Decision Support CME

Experience next level CME with AI-powered clinical decision support tools.

CME Conferences

Miss CME meetings? Take a look at some real-life (and virtual) CME events!

CME with Gift Card Rewards

CME with gift cards and other rewards to stretch your CME allowance further than ever.

Medical Calculators that Earn CME

Earn CME credits at the point of care for using the tools you already know and trust.

Medical Spanish CME Tutoring

Take your communication to the next level and increase access to care for entire communities.

CME Subscriptions

Pay once, access CME for two or three years in dozens of specialties. Updates included.

Online CME Activities

Now that you know you don't HAVE to travel for CME anymore, why would you?

Psychedelic CME

Stay ahead of the game with the latest research in psychedelic medicine. Patients will be asking.

Procedural (Hands-On) CME

Learn essential procedures from home with the same professional materials more cost-effectively.

Question Bank CME

Engaging board-style vignettes with CME credit that adds up quickly and easily.

Travel CME

Learn about essential updates from somewhere you've never been before.

Unlimited CME Credits

Earn all the CME credits you could possibly need (or want) from one CME purchase.

Wilderness CME

Enhance your medical survival skills by practicing in real-life environments with experienced instructors.

Video CME

Visual learners have more options than ever for finding quality CME that speaks to their style.


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Augmented Reality CME

Give it a few years and it'll be cool.
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