Non Clinical Career Resources

Have you ever thought a non clinical career is right for you? Do you feel pulled toward something different from clinical work or are you being pushed out of medicine?

If you are like many healthcare professionals today, you probably have wondered about non clinical careers at least once. You might even have the same questions as your colleagues.

Job Boards

Clinical and non clinical job boards

In order to answer these questions and more, we put together this page of resources for you. You'll find information on a variety of non clinical careers for a variety of clinicians. We've linked to several internal and external sources where you can get perspectives from those involved in various non clinical roles. Here, you can learn the basics of several relevant non clinical careers.

However, no online listing like this can be 100% complete these days. Therefore, our page of the most useful non clinical resources is always growing and updating.

Feel free to bookmark this page and return often so that you can learn more. If you would like to contribute or have a link you think we should consider, please contact us.

Some of the non clinical career topics you can expect to encounter here:

We also have more resources and links to other useful websites below for your enjoyment.

Identify & Strengthen
Your Non Clinical Skills

Medical Writing

Best Books for Medical Writing Resources

Learn Medical Writing with a Self-Paced Course

Learn the basics of medical writing with this course from Nascent Medical Communications. Their famous 6-week course, which is based off the book of the same name, will run you around $2,000. However, this Udemy version is regularly only $29.99.

Earn a Certificate in Medical Writing

We all know the value of a certification or degree that confers the authority to speak on a topic. Now, it you are already a good writer, this may not be necessary. However, a lot of clinicians feel more comfortable and find they have a competitive advantage when they have earned a respected medical writing certificate.

Classroom setting

Earn Side Income
Outside of Patient Care

cash money

Paid Medical Survey Panels

We've pre-vetted dozens of companies that will pay you cash for joining and taking medical market research surveys.

In fact, the panels listed below will pay you just for signing up.

Click each logo below to follow the link to the  unique registration form.

  1. All Global Circle – $50 bonus for registering & verifying*
  2. Opinion Sitedaily paid medical surveys
  3. ZoomRx – earn $30 for each healthcare professional you refer**
  4. MDForLives – $20 bonus for registering and verifying
  5. InCrowd – earn $10/referral, plus bonuses for multiple referrals
  6. M3 Global Research – earn up to $100/referral to a specific survey

Learn more about getting paid for accepting a registration invitation from us (by following a link).

Learn more about paid medical market research in general.

All Global Circle

Earn $50 for registering & verifying*

*Registration Details: Earning the $50 is a two-step process, each one being worth $25.

Sign up here to complete the registration part.

Next, monitor your email (including promotional/junk/spam folders) for an email from All Global Circle containing a link to follow to complete the verification process.


MDForLives – $20 bonus for registering & verifying

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You'll be asked for your email address, NPI number, first & last name, specialty, gender (as your license reflects), date of birth, and postal code. Please note, you'll need to sign up through this link to be eligible for the bonus.

There is a mobile app available for iOS and Android, which you'll probably want to download. However, be sure to create your account through the form on a browser app (mobile or desktop) like Chrome, otherwise it won't capture the bonus you get from us.


InCrowd details: $10 per referral.

Sign up to InCrowd here.

This is the easiest registration. Just your email address to start. Of course, you'll need to complete your profile and verify your credentials to be eligible for paid surveys.

Once you have a complete profile, you can start referring colleagues through the link in your profile, and you'll get paid after they complete their first survey.

M3 Global Research

M3 Global Research details: Paid referrals to specific surveys (via email to members).

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**ZoomRx details: $30 per referral.

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Once you complete you profile, you'll get a unique link in your dashboard once you register that you can share. See images below for how to find that.

Note that in order to earn the $30 bonus, anyone you refer needs to complete at least one survey with ZoomRx. That means some referrals may not pan out into income for you or may take some time to qualify you for the bonus.

Opinion Site

Opinion Site details: Paid surveys sent out daily to your email.

Sign up to Opinion Site here.

Non Clinical Career
References & Guidance

Presentation by Esteemed Professional Robert M. Blumm, DFAAPA

Download Coming Soon: How to Find Non-Traditional Roles for PAs

PA Blumm experienced a long and noteworthy career as a surgical PA, as well as emergency medicine and urgent care expert.

Additionally, he has served as industry consultant and liaison for professional societies, procedural skills instructor, and risk management consultant for professional liability coverage carriers. 

He is also an established (some might say prolific) author, with multiple books and articles displaying his byline.

It is safe to say he holds a lot of wisdom concerning non clinical careers, especially for PAs.

Online References


Look for Zebras

Look for Zebras covers unique and interesting non clinical careers for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Created by a formerly-clinically practicing physician who also happens to be a fellow medical writer, we cannot recommend it enough. There, you can learn about opportunities such as medical writing, scientific peer review, and so much more.

Empowered PAs

Run by an emergency medicine PA, Empowered PAs is a fantastic resource for learning more about leadership and clinician-led administrative roles. The target audience includes those applying to PA school, PA students, and practicing PAs. However, their articles can be useful for just about every type of clinician searching for a non clinical career, especially those interested in leadership.

EMpowered PAs
CME Gift Card Deals & Special Offers by Board Vitals

Board Vitals Blog

Yes, the same Board Vitals that makes it easy to earn relevant CME that improves your clinical knowledge base.

Which, by the way, is key in a non clinical role. Board Vitals also maintains a blog full of interesting clinical and non-clinical pearls for your journey.

Non Clinical Physicians

Non Clinical Physicians started as a podcast hosted by John Jurica, MD. There are tons of stories about physicians making the nonclinical transition, including yours truly. 

One of the most popular topics is medical writing, believe it or not.

Non Clinical Career
Social Networks to Be On

Doximity Logo


Doximity is a social network of sorts for all kinds of healthcare professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. They also have a job listing section, although it is mostly clinical jobs at this time. Check back later, as this is a growing area of interest!


Figure1 is another clinician-only (mostly) social network for sharing medical education, learning about new cases, and achieving clinical mastery. Their words, not ours. We post interesting and educational cases there on a semi-regular basis. Check out this one, that just so happened to be a featured case. And of course, we'd love it if you followed us there (@BrainAndCo).


LinkedIn is a great place to write your own blog posts if you don't have a website (or even if you do). You'll reach people you otherwise might have missed and will have an opportunity to showcase your work to prospective clients or employers.

Non Clinical
Job Boards to Browse

Healthjobs Nationwide

HealthJobs Nationwide is a time-tested resource of jobs for all types of clinician. They also have a blog to which you can apply to contribute. If you are interested in medical writing, this can be a great place to start. 

telemedicine non clinical career
Doximity Logo


Doximity is a social network of sorts for all kinds of healthcare professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. They also have a job listing section, although it is mostly clinical jobs at this time. Check back later, as this is a growing area of interest!

Drop Out Club

Founded by entrepreneurial physicians looking for something beyond clinical work, Drop Out Club (DOC) is now a large and vibrant community of like-minded clinicians exploring or outright seeking non-clinical careers. And yes, they have one of the top job boards filled with companies needing to fill non clinical roles. 

Drop Out Club (DOC) Non-Clinical Job Postings

NP Career Coach

The NP Career Coach is another clinician-led project useful for job seekers. The NP Career Coach is a former clinician-recruiter (clinician clinician-recruiter?). She was an NP who was a partner in her own recruiting agency for several years. Anyway, with this background, she will teach you exactly how to land your new graduate NP job you deserve. 

Modern MedEd

Find unique clinical and non-clinical roles, including telemedicine, medical writing, and industry openings for healthcare professionals on our job board. 

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