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9 Best CME with Gift Card Offers for 2021

By: Modern MedEd
Medical Reviewer: Jordan P Roberts, PA-C

Here is the most comprehensive & up-to-date online list of the best CME with gift card offers of 2021. There is no better way to use your CME money before it expires!

Last Updated: January 11, 2021

This post contains affiliate links, which help support Modern MedEd. We may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to make a purchase through one of these links.

CME with Gift Card Offers for 2021

CME with gift card offers are popular with clinicians who need to spend their remaining CME allowance before it expires.

With online CME that comes with a complimentary Amazon gift card, you can easily meet your annual CME and MOC requirements while earning a bonus for your efforts. 

Here are some reasons to consider a CME with gift card offer:

Why are CME Offers with Gift Card so Popular?

  • Convenience: earn CME on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop or desktop on your schedule at home, at work, or on your commute
  • Relevance: the content featured here is high-quality, up-to-date, and clinically useful. We’ve personally tried all the CME, too; except for the last two, but we’ll update this if/when that changes
  • Ease: Earn a ton of CME credits – meet pretty much any state or MOC requirements. Great if you need to log all your credits and it’s already December (hint, hint)
  • Bonus: Complementary Amazon, Apple, or American Express gift card up to $2,500 with purchase that you can use to upgrade your device or do your holiday shopping.

As we’ve discussed before in our posts about maximizing your CME allowance, there is no shortage of high-quality in-person, point-of-care decision tools, or online CME to purchase with your CME funds.

There are also free options, medical apps that award CME, and other choices available to clinicians of all specialties.

However, when deciding on a CME with gift card offer, it can be difficult to know which is right for you. Do you choose based on overall price? Value of the gift card? Amount of CME? Is the gift card on the receipt or not?

Whether your choice is influenced by one or more of the above, or something else entirely, we created this list of online CME with gift card offers to help you decide.

A tad commercial? Maybe. Thoughtful and from the heart? Yes.

We’ll dissect the following CME with gift card offers:

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Board Vitals CME Pro Plus - up to $2,500 Amazon or Visa Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon or Visa gift card worth up to $2,500 with CME purchase
  • Earn as many as 100 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™ 
  • Customize the price to fit your CME budget with the Choose-Your-Own-Price Tool
  • Unlock up to 24 months access on your phone, tablet, and/or computer
  • Practice continuously-updated board-style questions with detailed explanations
  • Gift card not on receipt – ships fast in December

There’s a reason Board Vitals CME Pro Plus is listed first. It’s one of the best CME with gift card offers out there, hands down.

With the $4,750, two-year subscription, you’ll get a free $2,500 Amazon or Visa gift card.

That’s over 53% back and an effective price of $2,250 for two years of CME, up to 100 category 1 credits. Want to learn more? Read our review.

The preset options are:

  • 24-month Subscription: $2,000 Amazon Gift Card – $3,800
  • 18-month Subscription: $1,500 Amazon Gift Card – $2,895
  • 12-month Subscription: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card – $1,995

However, with BoardVitals Choose-Your-Own-Price Tool, you can really customize your CME package. Enter your CME budget of anywhere from $500 to $4,750.

  • 24-month Customized Subscription: $2,500 Gift Card – $4,750

The calculator will then spit out the value of your gift card bonus, ranging from a low of $100 to a monster $2,500.

Like most entries on this list, the gift card usually ships a few weeks later to reduce the risk of fraud. It’s likely for that (and possibly other reasons), the gift card does not show up on your receipt. 

It is worth noting that the gift card ships faster (like a lot faster) during the holidays, so if you are one of us CME-procrastinators, you’re in luck. You could get it in just a few days if you buy it now.

Get your BoardVitals CME with gift card here.

MDCalc - up to $2,250 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth up to $2,250 with CME subscription purchase
  • Customize your price, gift card value, and amount of CME desired
  • Option of unlimited category 1 CME credit earning potential
  • Earn CME for using trusted & familiar point of care medical calculators
  • Support one of the most broadly-used FOAMed resources out there
  • Gift card not on receipt 

MDCalc is one of those point-of-care apps you should definitely consider buying with your CME money.

Their new feature enables clinicians to earn CME credits for doing what they already do on the platform. Use calculators to calculate things at the point-of-care.

Read the clinical insights, workup recommendations, and next steps, which you’d do anyway, to earn the CME.

I’m super excited about this because it is exactly what I have been doing for years as a regular MDCalc user. 

The point-of-care tool also offers their new CME subscription with a massive $2,250 gift card for just $3,999.

That’s certainly one of the biggest and most valuable CME with gift card offer you’ll find. Each of the following subscriptions last for one year:

  • Unlimited: unlimited CME credits + $2,250 gift card – $3,999
  • Plus 75: earn 75 CME credits/yr + $1,600 gift card – $2,999
  • Plus 65: earn 65 CME credits/yr + $1,050 gift card – $1,999
  • Plus 50: earn 50 CME credits/yr + $450 gift card – $899
  • Or set your own budget & CME credit options

Purchase your CME plan at MDCalc.

CMEinfo Insider - up to $2,000 Amazon Gift Card

CMEinfo Insider

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth up to $2,000 with CME purchase
  • Unlock full access to an enormous medical library spanning 19 specialties
  • Earn unlimited category 1 CME credits (depending on specialty)
  • Learn from continuously updated content with new topics every month (plus more than 1,000 videos)
  • Track CME credits conveniently and with minimal effort

With CMEinfo Insider, you can choose a $1,000, $1,500, or $2,000 Amazon gift card with your purchase of this CME activity. The size of the gift card, unsurprisingly, depends on the length of your subscription. Here are the special offers: 

  • 12 Month Subscription: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card – $1,999
  • 24 Month Subscription: $1,500 Amazon Gift Card – $2,999
  • 36 Month Subscription: $2,000 Amazon Gift Card – $3,849

Get your CME subscription to CMEinfo Insider here.

VisualDx - $250 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth $250 
  • Earn CME quickly and easily at the point-of-care
  • Improve your diagnostic accuracy & differential diagnoses
  • 400+ patient handouts (and counting)
  • DermExpert comes with AI support for rashes, lesions, moles, etc on mobile
  • Gift card not on receipt

VisualDx with DermExpert is a must-have for all general practice clinicians who treat patients with skin.

Seriously, it’s that good. Not only do you accrue CME for each search you undertake or differential you build, but it  can also realistically be used at the bedside for patient education, a clinical refresher, or considerations for next steps.

DermExpert allows you to take a HIPAA-compliant picture of a lesion, which you can then compare to a small library of visual differentials generated based on its artificial intelligence foundation.

For a limited time, Modern MedEd readers (that’s you!) can claim a free $250 gift card with their subscription, which also helps support us. This offer is only from us at Modern MedEd.

When you make the purchase through one of our links to VisualDx, the gift card will be sent to you automatically. Nothing else you need to do.

Oh, and the gift card won’t be on your receipt, but it will be sent your way.

Pricing and review of VisualDx and Derm Expert.

  • 12 month subscription (VisualDx only): $250 gift card – $650/year
  • 12 month subscription (VisualDx + DermExpert): $250 gift card – $750/year

Get VisualDx with DermExpert today.

Practical Reviews - up to $1,000 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon gift card worth up to $1,000 with CME purchase
  • Earn unlimited category 1 CME credits (depending on specialty)
  • Access the latest medical content via audio or text 
  • Learn from more than 125,000 journal article summaries without the extra ‘noise’
  • Conveniently track CME credits with minimal effort

In addition to the ability to earn literally (yes, I’m using that word correctly) unlimited CME credits, Practical Reviews offers a free $1,000 Amazon gift card and can be accessed in a convenient mobile app, on your desktop, or on your tablet.

Here are the pricing details: 

  • 24 Month Subscription: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card – $1,998
  • 12 Month Subscription: $500 Amazon Gift Card – $998

The content consists of expert reviews and summaries of the latest practice-changing literature from top medical journals.

If you’ve ever paid for one of these subscriptions yourself, you know how expensive (and dry) they can be. This solves both problems in one fell swoop. 

Here’s our review of Practical Reviews CME.

Practical Reviews covers 23 specialties including internal medicine, cardiology, psychiatry, and surgery.

Because each summary is worth a different amount of CME credits, the user-friendly app includes a handy built-in CME tracker.

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Audio Digest - up to $2,000 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon or Visa gift card worth up to $2,000 with CME purchase
  • Unlimited access to content library for 1 year 
  • Content library includes 4,000+ lectures and 4,300 CME credits
  • More hours of content than you could ever want: 2,500+ hours of audio content available
  • Get an additional gift card of $50 or $100 when you make your first purchase through Modern MedEd.
  • Gift card on receipt

Audio Digest is a popular option for CME with a free Amazon gift card. With content in 14 specialties, there’s something for most healthcare professionals here. 

If you are an auditory learner, you’ll love Audio Digest. Their mobile app (tested on Android) is not too shabby either. It allows you to create playlists, download lectures to save data, and adjust playback speed.

If you choose a free gift card with your purchase, it will show up on your receipt along with the CME program you bought. By foregoing the free gift card, you can elect a discount of equal value.

Subscribe to Audio Digest today.

Lastly, if you are like me, you may be wondering which is better – Audio Digest or Board Vitals?

HIPPO Reviews and Perspectives - $25 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free $25 Amazon gift card with CME purchase
  • Get full access to 6+ years of monthly hilarious, insightful, and useful CME podcasts
  • Listen to a new 15-chapter show each month
  • Effortlessly earn more than 50 to 100 CME credits per year

HIPPO has three monthly CME shows to which you’ll be glad you subscribed:

The price of a full year subscription is only $390 ($95 for residents), making it one of the most cost-effective CME options on this list. Sure, the Amazon gift card bonus is smaller, but it’s worth subscribing purely for the content.

As a former contributor to the podcast, I can tell you the folks who do the show are just as friendly and awesome in person as they seem on the show. They also pay their freelancers pretty well if you ever feel the urge to join. 

CME Procedures - up to $1000 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon or Apple gift card worth up to $1,000 with CME purchase
  • CME + gift card options from Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Apple, and Lowe’s.
  • Earn CME from home or from a vacation destination of your choice
  • Get full access to professional lectures and demonstrations

CME Procedures offers CME to enhance your – you guessed it – procedural skills. To qualify for a gift card, you must first select the topic you wish to purchase.

Once you buy the program and register, your account will be ready for you in 1-2 days. If you want physical materials, be sure to register 7-14 days in advance so you have time to get them, especially during the holiday rush.

Be sure to review their FAQ and ensure your certification body will accept these credits. PAs and NPs should have no problem, but it’s unclear from my brief time spent on their website if physicians can claim these credits.

CME4Life - up to $2000 Amazon Gift Card

Key Benefits:

  • Receive a free Amazon or Apple gift card worth up to $2,000 with CME purchase (on select products)
  • Choose your specialty and earn CME with engaging video modules
  • Earn CME focused on emergency medicine, urgent care, hospital medicine, cardiology, or acute care
  • Collaborate with your colleagues: CME for physicians, PAs, NPs, and medical education for EMS, nursing, and students

CME4Life was started by John Belinski, PA, a veteran and clinician to help healthcare professionals “maximize your mind.” In addition to online CME, they also hold regular conferences and board review sessions across the United States.

The Future of CME with Gift Card Offers

These are the top CME with gift card offers out there at the moment. There will surely be even more next year, and we’ll have the updates for you as they are released. 

Be sure to spend your CME money wisely and do your own research before making any major purchases. And don’t forget to reward yourself while you are at it. You deserve it.

Not into CME gift card bundles? Here are some other interesting ways to spend your leftover CME money.

Originally Published: 21 November 2019


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