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CME that rewards you and furthers your education

What is Continuing Medical Education (CME)

And why is Modern MedEd the most trusted resource for clinicians looking to purchase their next CME package?

CME Definition

According to the Accreditation Council for Medical Education (ACCME), CME “consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession.”

How Can Clinicians Earn CME Online?

Traditionally, clinicians have earned CME through a variety of engaging ways, including conferences, grand rounds, journal reading, and teaching. Now more than ever, however, healthcare professionals have more options than ever for obtaining CME online or in-person.

Online CME Examples

With advances in technology, clinicians can earn CME through their choice of subscriptions, point-of-care apps, recorded lectures, and more.

Insightful CME Articles

How to Spend CME Money in a Pandemic

Your conference was cancelled but you still have great CME options

Best CME with gift card offers 2021

17 Best CME with Gift Card Offers for 2020

The most relevant list of CME with gift card offers online

Point of Care Medical Apps (with CME!)

These are the most important apps (free or paid) for all clinicians to download

CME Reviews

The most comprehensive collection of CME reviews and comparisons you’ll actually want to read.

Plus, a frequently-updated complete breakdown of all the CME with gift card offers available.

Top Career Resources

How to become a medical writer with courses and training

How to Become a Medical Writer

Start a side hustle or transition out of clinical practice by sharing your expertise with your peers

Healthcare Survey Panels That Pay Cash

The highest paying clinician-only medical survey panels - including up to $50 registration bonuses

Best Non-Clinical side hustles, passion projects, or part-time jobs for PA's, NP's, MD's, DO's

Non-Clinical Side Hustles

Physicians, NPs, PAs, find your non-clinical side hustle by browsing though our 3-part series

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