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We are fellow medical professionals with an obnoxiously broad (and respectably lengthy) history in CME medical writing. We love CME, writing, and not going outdoors too frequently.

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What is Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME Definition

Continuing medical education (CME) has existed for almost as long as medical education has. Each major stakeholder has a slightly different definition.

Broadly, CME refers to educational activities designed to help medical professionals maintain, develop, or increase their clinical knowledge, skills, and professional performance.

Earning CME Credits

Clinicians have always had a variety of ways to earn CME credits.

CME activities can take place online, in-person at meetings or conferences, at local grand rounds, medical journal review and publications, point-of-care research, and more.

Today’s healthcare professionals have more options than ever, and increasingly prefer to earn their CME online or otherwise in an on-demand format.

Finding CME Online

We scour the web to bring you convenient, fast CME that meets your annual requirements, expands your medical knowledge, and helps you provide better care for your patients.

We regularly feature efficient CME subscriptions, point-of-care CME apps, multimedia CME courses, and more.

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CME Reviews

The most comprehensive collection of CME reviews and comparisons you’ll actually want to read.

We only review CME products that we’ve both used ourselves and found to provide value as a resource for improving patient care.

How Do You Want to Improve Your Career in Medicine?

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Career tips from clinicians with unique roles, fulfilling side projects, impactful positions, and how they got there 

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