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Updated: November 5, 2021
By Modern MedEd

Medical Reviewer: Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C

Are you a busy healthcare professional who loves multitasking? Of course not! But do you ever feel like you need to sacrifice your own well-being to avoid drowning in superfluous bureaucratic tasks?

For some, the obligatory nature of Continuing Medical Education can be another source of stress, burnout, and career dissatisfaction.

I’m not talking about your motivation to continue medical education, sharpen clinical skills, and genuinely commit to lifelong learning. Most of us would do that regardless of any formal CME requirements.

If you can relate even a little, you are in the right place.

Helping clinicians reduce unnecessary stress by presenting effortless ways to meet professional requirements, while satisfying your desire for clinically-relevant CME is kind of our thing.

Audio CME delivered on-demand can reduce stress while offering a satisfying learning experience for busy healthcare professionals.

CME for Physicians with Chronic Time Deficiency

An increasingly popular solution is audio CME, for clear reasons.

Earning your continuing medical education credits on demand can reduce stress with similar or better learning outcomes compared to traditional CME activities.

Having a library of pre-recorded lectures from engaging experts in your pocket is certainly one convenient way to earn CME fast.

To make your life just a little easier, we’ve collected the top audio CME courses 2021 has to offer.

There are options for both free CME and paid activities, so CME stipend or not, we have you covered.

1. MKSAP 19 Audio Companion

Earlier in 2021, the ACP announced the launch of Medical Knowledge Self Assessment Program (MKSAP) 19, the fresh new update to MKSAP 18.

Since it’s delivered in a full multimedia way rather than purely convenient audio CME, we’ll limit its presence in this article to a brief informational display below.

MKSAP 19 Audio Companion is almost tailor-made for clinicians looking for a convenient way to consume (and retain!) a ton of high-value, clinically relevant information in satisfyingly concise intervals.

My colleagues who similarly can’t bear wasting another minute of life to “windshield time” need to drop everything and take the 3 minutes to buy MKSAP 19 Audio Companion right now.

Look, I endured commuting more than three hours a day for years before I nearly lost it. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say audio CME literally changed my life back then. Learn from my suffering, I beg you.

MKSAP 19 Audio Companion Free Sample

Before downloading MKSAP 19, listen to free audio companion sample right here.

Internal Medicine Audio CME Sample

Infectious Disease Audio CME Sample

Neurology Audio CME Sample

This audio CME was made for general internists and primary care physicians, subspecialists needing to remain up to date in internal medicine, and residents preparing for the certifying examination in internal medicine, in addition to the lucky physicians preparing for the recertification examination.

Easily prepare for your boards while earning 120 category 1 CME credits and ABIM MOC points. Furthermore, the expert insights on complex cases and essential updates are not to be missed.

To really make this a no-brainer deal, free access to four sets of extension questions that award additional incremental CME credits is also included, for now anyway.

Standard Pricing:

  • Verified Residents: $699
  • ACP Members: $1,297
  • Non members: $1,697

Additional options:

Which MKSAP Edition Do I Need?

ABIM Initial Certification or Maintenance of Certification Exam Year

Your  MKSAP  Edition

 MKSAP Audio CME Content Launch

Final Update

Digital Access End Date



July 31, 2018 (part A)

Dec 31, 2018 (part B)

March 2021

Feb 2024*

2022, 2023, or 2024


Aug 31, 2021 (part A)

Jan 31, 2022 (part B)

March 2024

Sep 2025

Learn more about MKSAP 19 from ACP here.

2. Audio Digest CME

audio digest cme with gift card
ADF CME Gift Card Platinum Membership

Audio Digest is a leading provider of podcast-style, audio CME for physicians, APRNs, and PAs.

When you look at all they have to offer, it’s clear why. Audio Digest can be a truly complete CME solution for audiophiles year after year.

I’ve known clinicians who have maintained their Audio Digest CME subscription for literal decades without interruption.

Audio Digest makes three main CME products, which serve slightly different needs.

  • CME subscriptions
  • Specialty collections
  • Board reviews

Anesthesiology | Anesthesiology for CRNAs | Cardiology | Emergency Medicine | Family Medicine | Gastroenterology | General Surgery | Internal Medicine | Neurology | Obstetrics  and Gynecology | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Orthopaedics | Otolaryngology | Pediatrics | Psychiatry | Urology | All AudioDigest CME

Audio Digest CME with Gift Card

The Platinum CME Membership is far and away the most valuable subscription they have, and a sure-fire way to make the most of your CME stipend.

In addition to two years of access to the entire 17-specialty library and unlimited category 1 CME credits, you are also eligible for a free $2,100 gift card or prepaid card, which you can use however you want.

Audio Digest CME Review Silver Membership

All Audio Digest CME content is available on the intuitive mobile app (iOS & Android).

Key features include the ability to download episodes for offline listening, customizable playlists, and automatic CME credit tracking with instant certificate availability.

Learn more about Audio Digest CME or start your free trial right now.

3. Free Urgent Care Audio CME

Master Clinicians Urgent Care CME

Master Clinicians creates independent CME for the urgent care clinician, while also doing so much more.

They offer a monthly podcast with great insights you won’t find anywhere else as well as the ability to earn free category 1 CME credits.

Topics eligible for free CME credit include x-ray interpretation, urgent care essentials, dermatology, the patient experience, orthopaedics, EKG interpretation, burnout, and COVID-19.

You will need to register to be able to claim CME credit. I think that’s pretty universal by now.

Sign up here for access to free audio CME every month.

4. Hippo Audio CME Subscriptions

Hippo Education is known for producing quality, engaging – dare I say, entertaining – CME for physicians, PAs, and nurse practitioners.

Just about all of us can benefit from their reviews and perspectives.

Specifically, you can’t go wrong with these audio CME shows covering a range of specialties.

As a former contributor to the primary care RAP podcast, I can tell you the folks who do the show are just as friendly and awesome in-person as they seem on the show.

I really can’t say enough good things about this group.

You won’t regret making any of these shows your audio CME of choice.

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First Published: October 21, 2021

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