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Medical Reviewer: Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C

Emergency Medicine CME with Free Gift Card

Emergency medicine CME with free gift cards offer convenient ways for EM physicians, PAs, & nurse practitioners to spend leftover CME money

Last Updated: October 7, 2021
Emergency Medicine CME with gift card with blue helicopter in background

Emergency medicine CME with gift card offers are insanely popular among physicians, PAs, and nurse practitioners who spend their clinical time in the emergency department.

It’s no wonder. Purchasing additional education or your own medical equipment with reimbursable funds is convenient, yes, but can also be a professional necessity.

If you have ever taken a locum tenens emergency medicine assignment only to find the facility’s [insert critical device] is different from yours, you get it.

They may also be useful for those who are meant to cover ACLS, ATLS, licensing, and the myriad other yearly requirements without a separate expense benefit.

Depending on this amount, you could be left functionally with $0 in CME money to spend. These offers all have the choice of a prepaid visa (or similar) card that can be used to pay for those fixed costs above.

We’ve filtered this list of EM CME with gift card offers from our full collection of emergency medicine CME resources.

We cover emergency medicine CME requirements later in the post. If you aren’t sure what yours are (physician, PA, NP) it’s all there. Hit the link to be taken stright there.

Emergency Medicine CME Pro Plus

Board Vitals Logo

For emergency medicine physicians, as well as PAs and NPs, looking for interactive CME, BoardVitals Emergency Medicine CME Pro Plus is an excellent option.

This emergency medicine CME question bank contains hundreds of challenging, clinically applicable board-style items.

The vignettes reveal thorough yet manageable explanations of the preceding case once you’ve chosen your response.

Even when you know the answer, there is still a nice clinical pearl waiting for you almost every time. That’s what separates BoardVitals CME content if you ask me.

Here’s how CME Pro Plus works:

Steps 1 & 2. Visit the CME Pro Plus web page and select ‘Emergency Medicine’ from the dropdown list of specialties.

Hey look, we’ve already done that part for you!

Step 3. Choose the plan length and gift card amount desired (standard or custom)

  • 24-months: $3,000 Prepaid Visa/Amazon Gift Card – $5,450
  • 18-months: $1,500 Prepaid Visa/Amazon Gift Card – $2,895
  • 12-months: $1,000 Prepaid Visa/Amazon Gift Card – $1,995
  • Custom: enter your CME budget (from $500 to $5,450)

Step 4. Earn CME credits easily at a faster rate than you could have imagined.

They're smiling because they just earned all their CME super quickly

You’ll get an email from a real person at BoardVitals within a business day to confirm your order.

This was the same process I went through recently after ordering an Audio Digest CME plan that came with a free prepaid card.

Once your shipping address is confirmed, the gift card can be delivered electronically or you can elect to have a prepaid Visa card mailed to you.

Further your emergency medicine CME here with a $3,000 incentive.

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Emergency Medicine CMEinfo Insider

CMEinfo Insider

Emergency medicine clinicians can be the type who want to know a lot about a lot of things. Makes sense, given the job. If you can relate, we have no better CME recommendation for you than CMEinfo Insider.

What’s so great about this emergency medicine CME course? More than fit in this article, but the highlights: 

First, new emergency medicine content is added to the CME library every two to four weeks, so you’ll always have the latest updates. Even better, these clinical updates come at no additional cost during your membership.

Second, you’ll also have access to the 18 additional specialties (and CME) for the length of your subscription.

What’s more, subscriptions last as long as three years, and with unlimited CME credit earning potential, could see you through all the way until your next recertification cycle from a CME credit requirement standpoint.

CMEinfo Insider Pricing Options
CMEinfo insider Pricing

Brush up on additional relevant practice areas, including critical care, hospital medicine, and radiology with your emergency medicine CME here.

MDCalc Emergency Medicine CME

While MDCalc is not a calculator repository only for emergency medicine, many clinical calculators here are super useful in the emergency care setting.

There are hundreds of clinical calculators eligible for category 1 CME credit, which you’ll be able to earn while working a shift. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

How MDCalc CME Works:

The MDCalc app is free to use and download, but to claim CME credit, you’ll need to get a paid subscription. Here are your options:

Unlimited CME:

  • Earn unlimited CME credits + $2,750 gift card – $4,999

Plus CME Plans:

  • 75: earn 75 CME credits/yr + $1,600 gift card – $2,999
  • 65: earn 65 CME credits/yr + $1,050 gift card – $1,999
  • 50: earn 50 CME credits/yr + $450 gift card – $899

Or set your own budget & CME credit options.

Calculate your CME benefit here.

Master Clinicians Laceration Repair Workshop

Learn emergency medicine experts on various suturing methods in this step by step video tutorial.

You’ll learn how to properly repair lacerations using traditional simple interrupted technique, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, continuous running stitch, subcuticular stitch, cornered buried, and deep buried stitch.

How Lac Repair CME Works:

Get this video demonstration for only $175, which includes 3 category 1 CME credits and a $50 Amazon gift card that you can use to purchase your suture materials. Master Clinicians even has recommendations for which to buy for this course. 

Tie up any loose ends in your emergency laceration skills here. 

Master Clinicians Urgent Care CME

Bonus Emergency Medicine CME Courses

Of course, not every good emergency medicine CME course comes with a free gift card. Case in point, these three emergency medicine CME programs.

Hippo Education Essentials of EM

Another favorite of mine is Hippo Education. Their audio CME is just plain fun to listen to and chock-full of some of the shiniest clinical pearls you’ll ever hear.

Get your subscription to Essentials of EM here and save 20 percent. Hippo will also donate $50 to GiveWell charity.

DosedDaily EM for PAs

DosedDaily offers emergency medicine self assessment CME credits for PAs at an affordable price. They do this with a daily email that asks one clinically relevant question about a new practice update you should know about.

It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to stay clinically informed, earn CME credits, and focus your ongoing EM education all at once.

Try DosedDaily emergency medicine CME for free.

Emergency Medicine Reviews + CME

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Emergency Medicine Board Certification
Physician CME Requirements

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) requires an average of 25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ annually. Of these 25 CME credits, at least 8 must be from self assessment activities. All of them should be relevant to your practice area.

Note that AAFP Prescribed Credit, ACOG cognates, and AOA Category 1-A Credits are considered equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 credits.

Since the ABEM only requires an average of 25 credits per year, additional credits can roll forward. For example, 50 credits earned this year satisfy ABEM CME requirements through next year.

CAQ in Emergency Medicine
PA CME Requirements

Certified PAs (physician assistants) have the option to earn and maintain a certificate of added qualification in emergency medicine.

To be eligible, a PA must earn a minimum of 75 credits of category 1 CME focused on emergency medicine in the six years preceding the exam application. At least 25 of those credits must be earned in the preceding two years.

Once awarded, the CAQ is valid for ten years, during which time a minimum of 125 category 1 CME credits focused on emergency medicine must be logged for maintenance.

There are additional requirements beyond CME, so be sure to verify the full criteria with the NCCPA.

Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner
ENP CME Requirements

Emergency medicine nurse practitioners with the ENP-C credential have two options to maintain their emergency medicine certification every five years.

The first option is to obtain a minimum of 1,000 emergency care clinical practice hours and 100 emergency-related continuing education (CE) credits within the current 5-year period of certification.

Your other option is to retake the appropriate certification examination prior to your current certification expiring.

First Published: October 7, 2021

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