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Modern MedEd co-founder

Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C

Head of Scientific Content

Kristina S. Roberts

Head of Marketing & Strategy

Jordan P Roberts, PA-C

Jordan P. Roberts has been a medical writer delivering top-notch CME and scientific communications for as long as he’s been a clinician. He is a neuroscience PA with a passion for sharing knowledge with other clinicians.

Jordan co-founded Modern MedEd and is responsible for the scientific aspects of our work here. He is also involved in business development. 

Having been a part of cutting-edge medical education his entire clinical career, he has the knowledge, insights, and skills to produce medical education that clinicians and students love.

From mobile apps to podcasts, to online communities of healthcare providers, to innovative scientific publications, Jordan has helped shape the direction of the forward-thinking medical education world for years. He is also a passionate and engaging speaker who promises to not bore your audience to death or torture them with poorly-designed slide decks.

Jordan values the personal relationships we build with our clients. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, pre-covid travel, spending time with his adorable new daughter, and a misguided belief that he is still (or ever was) good at basketball.

Get in touch with Jordan here.

Kristina S Roberts

Kristina S. Roberts helps companies large and small communicate their message to the right audience by using fundamental, evidence-based marketing and promotional techniques.

She is the co-founder and head of marketing and strategy for Modern MedEd. 

With a solid background in healthcare including dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery,  and medical education, she knows what it takes for medical communications brands to succeed. 

When requested as part of the scope of work, Kristina will help promote your finished product to our audience of clinicians across a target array of platforms so you get the best return possible for your efforts. 

Kristina speaks Croatian and enjoys playing with her daughter, travel, exercise, and reading in her spare time. 

Reach Kristina here.

What is a PA-C?

Hey, it says that guy Jordan is a PA-C. What’s the deal with the letters? If you are not sure what a PA-C is, fret not.

Like many people both in and outside of the healthcare industry, you find value in learning something new about the world. That’s why you may be seeking additional clarification regarding just what it means to be a PA (or PA-C).

PAs (physician assistants/associates) are nationally-recognized, state-licensed healthcare practitioners trained at the postgraduate level to diagnose and treat patients, perform medical procedures, and prescribe medication.

The designation ‘PA-C’ (C=certified) is conferred upon those who pass the national certification examination after graduation from PA school, which is required to practice. 

Many PAs come from unique healthcare or industry backgrounds before stepping into the role. Our background positions us to work autonomously and collaboratively as part of a patient-centered healthcare team or within higher levels of clinical and healthcare leadership.

You’ll find PAs in clinics, emergency departments, operating rooms, research and development settings, consulting firms, academia, thought-leadership, business, and everywhere in between.

PAs work in every medical and surgical specialty in every state in the USA, and in a growing number of countries globally. PAs have been shown to increase access to healthcare, improve patient and population outcomes, and advance patient satisfaction. 

Whether in a clinical or non-clinical role, PAs make financial and clinical sense to every kind of healthcare organization. For more information, visit the official national organization of PAs, the American Academy of PAs (AAPA)

What is Medical Communications?

Medical communications is an important sector within the healthcare industry involved in the development and production of materials that deal specifically with medicine or healthcare

Therefore, a medical communications consultant, sometimes referred to as a medical writer, is someone who writes, edits, or develops materials about medicine and health. We do this by gathering, organizing, interpreting, and presenting the information appropriately to the target audience.

Quality medical communications consulting services are highly sought-after by industry, academia, and media firms with a general audience. Finding individuals and agencies who can deliver a clear, accurate message to any audience is a massive challenge with important implications. 

Who Provides Medical Communications Consulting Services?

Most professional medical communicators have a science or clinical background, although there are many successful individuals in this field who do not.  

Medical communicators provide services ranging from publications to promotional medical education and commercial support for companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. We may also develop medical education for clinicians, professional societies, and healthcare students.

If you are interested in learning more about medical communications, visit the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

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