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DosedDaily ENT CME Review

DosedDaily is a CME subscription that emails you a clinically-relevant question based on the latest evidence each weekday in the specialties of neurology, otolaryngology, or other fields.

Updated: February 14, 2023
By Modern MedEd

Medical Reviewer: Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C

Doseddaily ENT CME Title Card

DosedDaily CME Overview

Key Purchasing Decision Points

CME Content Updates

Questions from the latest literature covering several physician, NP, and PA-specific specialties

CME Content Quality

Clinically relevant questions by expert authors

CME Credits Available

Up to 72 category 1 CME credits & MOC points (PAs also eligible for SA credits [worth 1.5x cat 1 credits])

Learning Formats

Questions of the day with monthly CME quizzes

Subscription Length

Up to three years


From $35/mo up to $499/year (varies by specialty)

Bonus CME Bundle:

Free 30-day Trial

CME in otolaryngology subspecialties, neurology, plus PA and NP specific CME/CE offerings.

Monthly Plan: $40/mo: 2 CME credits & MOC points per month

Annual Plan: $299/yr or $499/yr for subspecialties: 24 CME credits & MOC points per year 

2 or 3 Year Plans: 72 CME credits & MOC points & additional savings compared to annual subscriptions

Overall Rating: 4.61



Otolaryngology CME & More

Like many good CME and board-review products, DosedDaily otolaryngology CME was started by a resident during his training as a personal education tool.

Eric Lentsch, MD, a busy resident with no time to read, resolved to answer at least one question per day. With this 10-minute study method, the learning adds up, but the stress stays low. 

As an attending, he started emailing his residents a question or two here and there. Just as you might not at all be surprised to learn, this practice became known as “e-pimp.” 

Over time, its popularity grew and the new company expanded into a CME opportunity for residents across the United States.

However, they had an important barrier to overcome. Clever as the name was in a medical context, it’s a nightmare for marketing. 

Because this is the internet, that original name could lead to some confusion as to what service they actually offer.

So the name was changed to DosedDaily, and that is the topic of today’s CME review.

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Effortless CME for ENT Physicians, PAs, & NPs

DosedDaily is a CME subscription that sends you one email per weekday containing a clinically-relevant question based on the latest evidence-based data in otolaryngology and a few other specialties.

The best part is that you can answer the question right from your email on your phone, computer, or tablet. There is no clicking through to another website to submit your answer, no mobile app to download, no hassle. 

Here’s the first email I received, which I answered straight from my phone. Other than my having no clue what the answer was, because I spent my career in neurosurgery and psychiatry, it was completely painless. With that out of the way, I chose my favorite option at the time.

My answer was logged in one click and I was taken to the following screen, where my suspicions were validated. I need a lot of practice if I’m going into ENT anytime soon. The fact that is carried my answer over from the email without me having to click again was a really nice touch. 

First Impressions of DosedDaily

Aside from this not being my specialty, it was an enjoyable experience that actually taught me something useful in less time than I could have wasted scrolling through Instagram.

In addition to the daily questions, you’ll receive a 5-question monthly quiz that awards you CME and MOC, just like that.

I mean, you still have to pass to get the credit, but what were you expecting? Plus, you can retake the quiz if needed. 

Once you successfully complete the quizzes, you’ll complete the program with 24 shiny new CME credits to your name every year. 

The website interface is user-friendly and even allows you to answer previous day’s questions.

It does this with the simplicity and ease that I’m sure you are expecting of this product by now. 

Specialty CME Options

DosedDaily is more than general ENT CME. You can select any of the following subspecialties, with more currently in development.

There are also a few PA-specific programs just released. These are worth 24 SA each credits, which converts to 36 category 1 CME credits.

The new nurse practitioner CME covers four key areas of practice.

DosedDaily Free Trial

Unlike a lot of CME providers these days, DosedDaily offers a generous free trial so you can really decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Everyone gets a 30-day, 6-credit free trial, which you can cancel anytime before the trial period ends to avoid any charges. If you don't like it, you'll get a full refund and you get to keep the credits you earned. 

DosedDaily Pricing & Plans

Otolaryngology CME plans start at $40 per month, which nets you two CME credits and two ABOHNS MOC points per month. However, you’ll save on the per-unit cost with annual or triennial subscriptions.

Yearly CME subscriptions with 24 CME and MOC credits start at $399 for the entire year, saving you $80.

Lastly, three-year plans start at $800, a nice 51 percent savings, plus award up to 72 category 1 CME credits and 72 ABOHNS MOC points.

The prices vary by specialty, so check out yours at DosedDaily.com.

How to Spend CME Money in a Pandemic

How to Spend CME Money in a Pandemic

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DosedDaily Summary & Verdict

For a tool that gets you a fair amount of CME credits, DosedDaily is extremely convenient, hassle-free, and easy-to-use. Some clinicians will find 24 CME credits per year perfect for them, earning the rest from conferences (when they return) or other activities.

For those who want their CME with a free gift card or who need like 100 CME credits right now because you procrastinated like the rest of us, you might need a different CME solution

Start your free trial or subscribe here.

First Published: December 10, 2020

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