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Medical Reviewer: Jordan P. Roberts, PA-C

7 Unbeatable CME Activities with Prepaid Card Incentives

Physician CME activities with prepaid card incentives have emerged as an alternative option for those with remaining CME funds expiring soon.

Last Updated: October 14, 2021


CME activities with prepaid card incentives

Physician CME activities with prepaid card incentives have emerged as an alternative to CME with Amazon gift card options.

This is because they allow healthcare professionals to purchase additional educational materials that are not always available (or reimbursable) from Amazon.

Other clinicians can benefit from the following CME special offers, too. Everything here is also a physician assistant CME with gift card offer. Nurse practitioners can earn CME with free gift cards from any activities on this list, too.

To be transparent, we will be including a few of the CME bundles with Amazon gift cards here. Nearly all of them have that option at the very least, but it’ll be clear which are available.

Board Vitals Logo

1. CME Pro Plus (2 years)

Two Prepaid Card Options

Addiction Medicine | Anesthesiology | Cardiology | Child Neurology | Child Psychiatry | Dermatology | Echocardiography | Emergency Medicine | Family Medicine | Gastroenterology | Hematology and Oncology | Hospital Medicine | Internal Medicine | Nephrology | Neurology | Nuclear Cardiology | OBGYN | Orthopedic Surgery | Otolaryngology | Pain Medicine | Pathology | Pediatrics | Preventive Medicine | Psychiatry | Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine | Radiology | Sleep Medicine | Sports Medicine | Surgery | Urology | See All Specialties

Board Vitals two-year CME Pro Plus subscription is an unmatched, engaging CME activity. Each specialty contains hundreds of unique clinical vignettes with detailed board-style explanations.

Pricing is customizable to fit any CME budget. The most popular plan durations, prepaid card value, and price are:

  • 2 years of CME with $3,000 Prepaid Card – $5,450
  • 1.5 years of CME with $1,500 Prepaid Card – $2,895
  • 1 year of CME with $1,000 Prepaid Card – $1,995

Get your BoardVitals CME with prepaid card activity here.

MDCalc CME Logo

2. MDCalc CME (one year)

Four Prepaid Card Options

Addiction and controlled substances | Cardiac care | Domestic and intimate  partner violence | Geriatrics | HIV and infectious disease | Hospice, end-of-life, terminal illness, and palliative care | Mental and behavioral health | Pain management | Pediatrics | Stroke | Trauma | All MDCalc CME

Earn CME easily by using any of the 200+ CME-approved clinical calculators from MDCalc. You’ll need to read the brief clinical insights, workup recommendations, and next steps to earn CME credits. Each interaction is worth 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™.

Pricing is fully customizable for your CME budget. ‘Plus’ subscriptions are one year in length and do not automatically renew.

CME Plus Plans:

  • Unlimited CME credits + $3,000 gift card – $5,450
  • 75 CME credits/yr + $1,600 gift card – $2,999
  • 65 CME credits/yr + $1,050 gift card – $1,999
  • 50 CME credits/yr + $450 gift card – $899

Purchase your CME with a prepaid card at MDCalc.

CMEinfo Insider banner

3. CMEinfo Insider (three years)

Prepaid Card Option: Amazon

Anesthesiology | Cardiology | Critical Care | Dermatology | Emergency Medicine | Family Medicine | Gastroenterology | General Surgery | Geriatrics | Hospital Medicine | Internal Medicine | Neurology | Neurosurgery | Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery | Pathology | Pediatrics | Psychiatry | Radiology | Urology | More about CMEinfo Insider

No matter what learning format you prefer, the multimedia format of CMEinfo Insider means your style is more than likely thoroughly represented.

Formats include audio CME, written summaries, video lectures, customizable playlists, and interactive quizzes where you can earn CME credits.

The library of content that is CMEinfo Insider is absolutely massive, but surprisingly searchable. It continues to be updated monthly with new clinical topics and scientific breakthroughs, which can be yours for 3 years.

It’s hard to argue that it’s not the best value in online CME you can find.

Flexible Pricing Options:

  • 1 year access: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card – $1,999
  • 2 year access: $1,500 Amazon Gift Card – $2,999
  • 3 year access: $2,500 Amazon Gift Card – $4,749

Get CMEinfo Insider here.

VisualDx Promo Logo

4. DermExpert CME (two years)

Prepaid Card Option

Cardiac/Pulmonary | Dermatology (all skin types) | Dermatology (skin of color) | Drug Reactions | ENT/Oral Medicine | Gastrointestinal | General | Genitourinary | Neuro/Psych | Ophthalmology | Public Health | More about VisualDx with DermExpert

VisualDx with DermExpert is a must-have dermatology CME reference. That much can be inferred from the name. DermExpert is probably the most powerful dermatology tool out there right now.

The algorithm uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve patient outcomes. Use it to help identify rashes, lesions, moles, and other dermatologic conditions, as well as reduce diagnostic uncertainty.

What you might not know about VisualDx is that it is also a comprehensive reference for 11 medical specialties, including skin of color dermatology, drug reactions, and public health.

Every time you search, read up on a condition, develop a differential, proceed through a guided workup, or use DermExpert, you accrue 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™. There is no limit to the amount of CME credits you can earn or claim.

Two years | Unlimited CME | $500 gift card:

  • VisualDx: $1300
  • VisualDx + DermExpert: $1500

Get VisualDx with DermExpert today and earn a prepaid card with CME.

Master Clinicians Logo

5. Ultimate Urgent Care CME Package (one year)

Prepaid Card Option

While Master Clinicians has expanded their specialty coverage to those above, the Ultimate Urgent Care CME Package includes the following four CME conferences in one bundle.

  • Urgent Care on-demand: Can’t Miss Diagnoses (17.5 credits)
  • Telemedicine Conference On-Demand Complete (7 credits)
  • Women’s Health Conference On-Demand [Urgent Care] (10 credits)
  • Urgent Care Medical Summit On-Demand Conference (16 credits)

This comprehensive CME package covers many of the essential topics critical for success in the urgent care setting. In fact, for the new physician, PA, or NP, the Master Clinicians CME catalogue is really a complete Urgent Care starter kit.

Pricing: $1,600 for a full year’s worth of CME credits (with free $700 Amazon gift card)

Purchase the Ultimate CME Package from Master Clinicians today.

6. Practical Reviews CME

Prepaid Card or Discount Option

Anesthesiology | Cardiology | Critical Care | Dermatology | Emergency Medicine | Family Medicine | Gastroenterology | General Surgery | Geriatrics | Hospital Medicine | Internal Medicine | Neurology | Neurosurgery | Oncology-Cancer | Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery | Orthodontics | Otolaryngology |  Pathology | Pediatrics | Pediatric Dentistry | Psychiatry | Radiology | Urology | More about Practical Reviews

Oakstone’s online Practical Reviews CME course consists of expert reviews and summaries covering the latest practice-changing literature from top medical journals.

Each activity takes only 15 minutes and leaves you with actionable, dare I say – practical – clinical insights from leading clinicians in their specialty.

In addition to the ability to earn literally (yes, I’m using that word correctly) unlimited CME credits, Practical Reviews offers a free $500 Amazon gift card and can be accessed in a convenient mobile app, on your desktop, or on your tablet.

Subscribe here.

AudioDigest Platinum Membership has unlimited CME

7. Audio Digest Platinum (two years)

Two Prepaid Card Options or Discount

Or skip the gift card and get a discount of the same amount (about 50%)

Anesthesiology | Anesthesiology for CRNAs | Cardiology | Emergency Medicine | Family Medicine | Gastroenterology | General Surgery | Internal Medicine | Neurology | Obstetrics and Gynecology | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Orthopaedics | Otolaryngology | Pediatrics | Psychiatry | Urology | More about Audio Digest CME

Audio Digest CME (Platinum Membership) provides unlimited access to their enormous content library for two years. And by enormous I mean more than 4,000 lectures and 4,300+ CME credits available.

Each recording is worth approximately 0.5 to 1.0 CME credits each, depending on the length.

This audio CME course is a popular option for those who want to earn CME with a free Amazon gift card or Bank of America/Visa reward card.

Purchase from this page today and get an extra $100 when you spend $400 or more. That should be easy because the price starts at $1,999. 

If you want some of the best audio CME courses in the business, look no further.

Get an Audio Digest Platinum CME membership today.

All CME with Gift Card Incentives

We also have more CME with incentive offers, including the most recent updates you might want to know about this year. 

First Published: October 14, 2021

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